Saturday, March 28, 2020

Illuminati symbolism in Spongebob that Claire noticed-Plus new show called "Ollie's Pack".

So I'm sitting here getting ready to upload a Youtube video and Claire came downstairs. She says she can't sleep, but the girl never sleeps lol. I just let her stay up, considering she doesn't have school. Don't tell her mom though haha. 

Anyway I'm sitting here and Claire says hey Dan did you see that...just watch this....I'm like ok? She shows me how on Spongebob these Jellyfish make the Infinity symbol and then a few seconds later they have these other creatures with the eye in the middle of their forehead....the 3rd eye. She then even pointed out how the creature with the 3rd eye is shaped similar to a pyramid. She is getting good at this, although she doesn't quite understand it, she sees that it exists. 
The episode is "Spongehenge". 

We started talking and I showed her the squidward episode with the eyeball and the pyramid too. She said, "Oh yeah, I've seen that episode too". 

So then we stop talking for a second and she starts watching TV again and then says hey Dan..."Did you see the eyeball inside the letter A"? I wasn't watching so I went back and watched what she was talking about. 
There is some new show coming up called "Ollie's Pack" and they put all types of symbols just in the promo. 
Notice the eyeball in the "A", but also the logo on the backpack that looks similar to the eye on Squidwards hat. 

It then flashes a part with a Triangle on the door and the dragon looking thing in the shape of a triangle. 

The promo ends with the name of the show inside an eyeball. 
Here's a video at the end of the promo so you can see the eyeball form. 
Notice right after the promo it says, "And Now for a moment of Mindfulness". 

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