Monday, March 16, 2020

224 Batman Vs Superman-France-Iowa Cancels schools for 4 Weeks-China-Terry Branstad

I tried watching Batman vs Superman on Friday Night but I feel asleep only a few minutes into the film. Then last night when I got home I tried watching it again, but I fell alseep yet again. I didn't look at the screen and just closed my laptop and went to bed...It's just funny though as I pull open the tab right now and this is where I stopped the film...

I still haven't finished the movie, but what I noticed on Friday night was they show a cop car with 224 on it and then soon after they pull this guys info up on the screen. Notice the date of 2/24? 

The next day at work the first time I was able to check my phone just so happened to be at 2:24pm. I opened up this slotogame to kill some time and my daily dash thing said I needed 224M coins. 

Remember this number is important to Kobe Bryant...
Also this year 8/11 is the 224th day of the year...

As I'm writing up this post I just found out that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds recommended that all Iowa schools be canceled for 4 weeks. Of course almost every school is now canceled including the one in my town. Remember she is governor because Terry Branstad stepped down to become the US Ambassador to China....
Anyway notice today is 224 days after her bday? I mean what are the odds? 
Ides of March=56

Kimberly Kay Reynolds=244 and 322(FB)

They are now saying that patient zero was on 11/17..this makes the most sense to what I have been saying. 
This would mean that patient zero began on US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad's bday. 
I know I have a video somewhere where I talked about him being a Freemason and his son killing people in a drunk driving accident. No idea what video though. 

It also means it was the 56th day of the French Republic. 

The first death of Coronavirus in Europe just so happened to be in France as well on Valentines Day. I thought Italy was the worst place to be? But the first death was in France. 


  1. Today in Pennsylvania, Gov wolf ordered a shut down of all nonessential businesses. (Strongly advised, not government mandated at this point).

    There are currently 76 cases of covid-19 in pa.
    Today is the 76th day of the year.
    76ers named for the signing of the declaration of independence in 1776.

  2. You might find it of interest, my friend is a bridge engineer. At his house, he has a blueprint of the golden gate bridge hanging in his house. the bridge clearance over high tide on average measures 220' over the water.

    The "crown of the roadway elevation" at the exact center point of the bridge measures at a height of 266'.

  3. Utah earthquake. Earthquake = 163
    Utah became the 45th state on jan 4.
    From 1/4 to trumps bday is a span of 163 days.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.