Monday, March 9, 2020

Steph Curry makes comeback on 3/5-Space Theme/Rockets-China-Batman-Pope Francis-Kobe Bryant

Steph Curry makes his comeback after missing 58 games. 
Oakland=58(although it's San Francisco now)
Golden State=58
He makes his comeback against the Raptors on 3/5. The team the Warriors lost to in the Finals last year...synced up to Kobe...
Wilt Chamberlain originally played for the Philadelphia Warriors...Chamberlain Heights....
Stephen Curry=224(FB)
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)
Toronto Raptors=224
Kobe Bryant=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58

The date of 3/5 is also interesting..
Notice he was injured in the game against the Suns. 
King James=35
Remember 2017 was important to this number as well when the Warriors beat the Cavaliers by 35 points...the same day Eugene Cernan died. Later that year everything was synced to China and King symbolism with the Rockets....
Chyna Thomas died in King County, Washington..which is important to the Coronavirus beginning in Washington. A bunch of cases in King County as well. 

The first reported case of Coronavirus was a 35 year old in Washington on 1/21. 
Notice above how Curry injured his hand when the Suns scored 121 points...then made his comeback against the Raptors who scored 121 points. 
Philadelphia important to the book of revelation. 

3/5 was the 65th day of the year. 

Curry makes his comeback on 3/5 and then sits out the next game against Philadelphia, because he supposedly has the Flu...not Coronavirus. 
This game was on 3/7...."Los Angeles"=37

LeBron breaks Kobe's record in Philadelphia, the day before Kobe dies. 

When Curry broke his hand I mentioned how it was synced up to Dwight Howard wearing # 39 for the Lakers. The Phoenix Suns...Joaquin Phoenix and the Joker/Batman stuff. When Kobe tore his achilles Steve Nash(Phoenix) was on the team...Also Mike D'Antoni previously coached the Suns. 
Curry broke his hand 39 days before Howard's bday. 
Notice he made his comeback 39 days after Kobe Bryant died too. 
Remember too in August just before the Lakers signed Dwight Howard on Kobe Bryant's bday...the other main NBA story was that Howard University brought back Golf due to Steph Curry. 

Also in regards to the Space theme....Remember Curry said he thinks the Moon landing was a hoax...then NASA told him to visit the Space Center in Houston...then Curry unveiled his Moon Shoes in the game against Houston. 
He also scored 35 points in that game...
Notice it was the Warriors 39th game too. 
This same day was when China landed on the Dark Side of the Moon! 
Dark Side=35
Far Side=35
Yutu Two=35(name of rover)
This same year there was the Full Wolf moon on 1/20-1/21...and the Warriors played the Lakers on 1/21. 

Curry shared a bday with Eugene Cernan..Pi Eugene Cernan died 1 month 26 days before his and Curry's bday's....Kobe dies on 1/26...with the Super connection to 126 with Dwight Howard. 

I'm starting to think the reason James Bond is so important is because of the Moon. The Batman shooting on the anniversary of the Moon landing....Remember Roger Moore(James Bond) died in  May 2017...the year of the big Space theme with the Rockets. He was the only James Bond to go to the Moon. It was in the film Moonraker. 
After Moonraker a guy named "John Glen" started directing the James Bond films too. John Glenn(astronaut) had died on Dwight Howard's birthday when I first picked up on this theme in 2016. 
Roger Moore=51
51st anniversary...
There is a Sean Connery James Bond film called "Diamonds are Forever" in which he runs through a movie set of the Moon landing.....Neil Armstrong died age 82 on Connery's 82nd birthday....Cernan died age 82 as well. 

The Spike Lee stuff with the Rockets is also important because the Knicks are important to Washington Irving....Kyrie Irving saying the Earth is Flat. 

I really started picking up on the Moon theme when Prince died on the night of a full moon. I then found the Simpsons episode where Homer kills..Prince, Neil Armstrong and George Clooney....this has me wondering considering George Clooney was Batman...Earlier tonight I was reading Jeremiah Gabbard's Facebook post where he was arguing with Roseanne Barr...I then looked her up for a just has me thinking about Clooney even more so considering he was on that show. 
Clooney's bday is 5/6...same day as Chris Paul....the 126th in a non leap year...
Batman Dead from my post earlier today? 

Clooney also a Catholic....reminding me of Kobe Bryant and the connections to the Pope/Philadelphia...
Also the Warriors connected to Pope Francis/San Francisco stuff. 

Remember too that LeBron was Prince for Halloween the year before Prince died...Kevin Love was Jackie MOON. 

I'm gonna have to do more research into the Halloween costumes...I see James Harden was Bane from Batman in 2018..I can't find what he was in 2019....Dwight Howard was the girl from Norbit this year...that film has a connection to China....I documented about LeBron and Tim Burton before....

I just discovered something I can't believe I missed..
Houston Texas=195(FB)

Also in the midst of Curry coming back..the Rockets have been stuck on 39 wins with a 4 game losing streak right now..
3/5 to the beginning of the NBA Finals is 91 days. 
So on..

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