Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Coronavirus is after NBA players and other celebrities and constant fear programming in the media

Oh bullshit. When my grandpa died we had over 100 people at my grandma's house. No one there has coronavirus.  There are thousands of different people in the gas station I work at everyday and no one has got coronavirus yet. It could be a real thing, but it's funny how I know zero people with it, and zero people I know actually know anyone with it. There is supposedly a few cases in my county...but they won't release the names..hmmm why not? It's not like anyone is gonna go after them for having it. None of this makes any sense. 
Harvey Weinstein gets coronavirus in prison lol, and only 1 other person had it there? Yeah right. 
Apparently this virus is going after the NBA players and celebrities, and a bunch of people with no names. 

I work with a lady who recently went to Mexico and then got sick. She hasn't been to work since February, but the hospital wouldn't test her for coronavirus. This is happening all over thus leaving people who probably just have a cold/flu in suspense.

These stories in the media are here to create fear and nothing else. I hope this virus isn't real as it could be..but the stories in the media and the way all of these things are coming about just don't make sense. 
If I do somehow get coronavirus, I'm just gonna start smoking weed again. No one has ever died smoking weed. :)Although if it is real, I'm pretty sure I already had it back in December along with a ton of people in this area who were sick for weeks. They even talked about closing the school down just before Christmas, because so many kids were sick. 

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  1. I agree, and I say this is pure fear programming as well as a social experiment to see how well people follow direction without asking questions. There is always a flu bug around Christmas time. I'm 55 years old and as long as I can remember December was flu season. It probably hits people harder during the holidays due to the stress of the holidays, lol. Unfortunately, the social experiment seems to be working in "their" favour and will cost tax payers a fortune.