Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Spike Lee is done with the Knicks after Rockets game-South Park Houston-Clyde Drexler-South Park Mexican-China-Synchronicity with Rockets AT&T Commercial-195-Houston Cougars

A big story I have seen on CNN and Yahoo today is that Spike Lee is done with the Knicks after an incident yesterday. 
Notice the incident was in the game against the Houston Rockets. 
Spike Lee=44
Yesterday was 3/2..the 62nd day of the year. 
Shelton Jackson Lee=62....he is currently 62 years old. 

Notice his bday is 20/3. 
Houston Rockets=203

Lee had been using that entrance for 28 years? 

Notice how he brought up the Charles Oakley stuff too? 
This was in 2017, just after the Super Bowl in Houston, and the year I thought the Houston Rockets would make the finals. 
Charles Oakley finished his career with the Houston Rockets in 2004. 
Oakley's controversy was when the Knicks played the Clippers. 
It was on the date of 2/8....the 39th day. 
Just thinking about the Simple Truth TV video where he mentioned 39 a bunch...
New York=39 

In regards to the Spike Lee controversy...the Rockets lost to the Knicks staying on 39 wins for the season. 

The controversies with the Knicks stem to the owner James Dolan. 
Notice in 2017 the Rockets were knocked out of the playoffs on James Dolan's 62nd bday? They also lost by 39 points in that game haha. 
San Antonio Spurs=62
James Dolan=59
James Lawrence Dolan=175
Houston Rockets=59, 175

Remember too the Charles Oakley story was on James Dolan's uncle Larry Dolan's bday....Larry owns the Cleveland Indians and this was just after they lost in the World Series to the Cubs....plus LeBron synced up to Cleveland. 
The Oakley story was a few days before Fab Melo died in connection to Carmelo Anthony who was a New York Knick at the time....Remember Anthony also important to the Houston Rockets and Mike D'Antoni. 
I know there is some type of riddle with Carmelo too...he's connected to France and his first game with the Portland Trailblazers was against the New Orleans Pelicans. Zion also has the big connections to New York..

Ha, as I was reading about Carmelo Anthony I saw that he was in a Chinese film called "Amazing" in 2013....the year Kobe tore his achilles and then Dwight Howard signed with the Rockets. Think about the importance to China..
Notice that 3 NBA players are in the film...
Dwight Howard
Carmelo Anthony
Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen was traded to the Houston Rockets after the Bulls won their second 3 peat....the Rockets were the team who won 2 in a row in between the Bulls two 3 Peats..He also played for the Trailblazers..which reminds me of Carmelo too. 

Remember too how Patrick Ewing's 1984 Georgetown team was important to the Knicks/Fab Melo stuff. His team beat Hakeem Olajuwon's Houston Cougars....

Of course as I'm writing the last few paragraphs I look up at the TV to an AT&T commercial about the Houston Rockets. They mention Clyde Drexler...then Benny the Bull(Bulls Mascot)...then the 1995 Rockets Championship...
I have a video that for some reason will not upload to this blog. I've tried like 10 times, so if I remember I'll upload it when it's working. 

Of course Clyde Drexler known for playing with the Trailblazers and the Rockets....
Looking at his wiki I noticed a really interesting thing too. He was born in New Orleans...but actually grew up in the SOUTH PARK area of Houston? 
Think how the Rockets were connected to the South Park/China. 
Funny too about a week or so ago I was at the bar and a kid played a South Park Mexican song on the juke box. I didn't know who it was and some girl told me SPM, which I still had no idea, but later found out it was South Park Mexican....the rapper from HOUSTON. It was significant because they couldn't believe I didn't know the song. 

I've heard of this rapper before, but I never really listened to him....I just can't believe I never thought about this before considering the South Park episode. "Mexican Joker" being important. 
Carlos Coy=39, 51
South Park=39, 51
Batman=39, 51
His bday is also the day after the Joker film came out last year. 
He's named South Park Mexican, because he lived close to South Park in Houston....
Oh man I wish I would have seen this back in October...this whole narrative is super important to Houston..it doesn't even have to be only connected to the Rockets either...think about the Astros cheating stuff too. 

Houston Texas=195(FB)
haha this is great. It's like finally my synchronicity let me see more of the bigger picture..Thanks Clyde Drexler commercial. 

I wonder what else is important in Houston that I don't know about? 
Remember my friend Norm was connected to Batman...His brother lives in Houston...

I was looking at the connection to the Portland Trailblazers and I see I posted about Brandon Roy being shot in the leg during the Rockets vs Spurs playoff series in 2017 too. Look at all the 126...reminding us of how the Blazers were the first team the Lakers played after Kobe died on 1/26. 
Someone pointed out Portland is RIP city too. 
Brandon Roy was shot in Los Angeles...
The Space theme was super important to Eugene Cernan dying....he died 1 month 26 days before his bday..the same day the Warriors beat the Cavs with 126 points. They won by 35 points that game too. This was connected to LeBron and Durant and the King symbolism too. 
Brandon Roy is currently 35 years old. 
Brandon Roy Post

What else I find funny is that in the Simple Truth video I randomly mentioned Brandon Morris who I went to Iowa Western with and he said he knew Nick Van Exel...I swear my friend Sturgill told me that at one time that Brandon played for the Houston Cougars after IWCC, but he actually played for the University of Milwaukee....but there was a different Brandon Morris about 10 years later who played for the Cougars, so maybe that is what he was talking about. 
Clyde Drexler...Hakeem Olajuwon both played for the Houston Cougars....maybe it's something important to them with March Madness coming up too.  


  1. Here's my angle on the NCAA tournament.

    Dayton Flyers = 326 Franc Baconis
    Kobe died 326 days after Shaq’s birthday
    Kobe died 326 days before Pope Francis’ birthday
    Kobe was 2161 weeks old when he died. 2161 is the 326th prime. 326 the Hebrew gematria for the pentagrammaton (5 letter Hebrew name for Jesus)
    Philadelphia area code is 267
    Dayton = 267 primes
    Dayton Ohio = 126 ordinal 54 reduced. Kobe dies 1/26. “Venus” = 54 reverse ordinal
    We just had an all red Super Bowl. Dayton Flyers wear red. “Red” = 54 reverse ordinal
    Dayton enacts area code 326 on March 9th the day Mercury comes out of retrograde
    Kobe died on his 172nd Mercurial birthday

    Bonus: Bernie Sanders turns 326 Mercury years old on the Ides of March.

    1. 3/26/13 Dayton almost destroyed by floodding

    2. Tonight's game vs Rhode Island is exactly 22 days after their last merting and 22 days before 3/26

  2. Wow...you have s steel trap for a brain.. lol

  3. 2161 = Kansas State University
    326 = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    326 = Ides of March
    = Idlib
    = The Vatican

    Ides of March (3/15/13) to (3/15/20)
    SARS virus
    17 years
    6211 days including end date
    (808th prime)
    887 months
    (154th prime)

    1. Damn, I should've checked the Ides of March gematria. Good stuff. Are you on discord?