Saturday, March 21, 2020

Still getting spammed on my post about Shrek-Mike Myers-Eddie Murphy-Robert Wagner-Batman-177

I'm still getting spammed on this Shrek post for some reason. I mean of all my posts, I get spammed a ton on this post for some reason. 
Has Mike Myers got Coronavirus yet? 
Mike Myers=177(FB)
This might be important as I didn't really look at the Francis Bacon ciphers back then. 
He's also 56 years old right now..
Remember Myers also important to Waynes World that is synced to Aurora, Illinois and the Batman symbolism. 

It's funny too as lately I have been saying "Who does number 2 work for?" a ton of times. I really have no idea why, but I noticed I have been doing it, and it drives Claire crazy lol. The line is from Austin Powers with Mike Myers. 
Austin Powers=72
I mention this because my original Shrek post was a lot to do with 72. 

Interesting too that Terry Rossio's wikipedia mentions he is an Anti-Vaccination guy. 

It could also be something important to Eddie Murphy. Just yesterday my mom told me that we aren't getting any of my Uncle Barney/Aunt Betty's money. She gave it all to her siblings, which is fine and I figured I would never get any of it anyway...but my Uncle Eddie Murphy was really hoping he would get some of it. 

I wonder if it's something to do with the guy who plays # 2 as well..
Robert Wagner...
He was in the Pink Panther....
Also might be something to do with the death of Natalie Wood that ties in to Christopher Walken(Batman) and him too. 

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