Thursday, March 19, 2020

My Grandpa's death in connection to his friend last year- Post 224-Zion-Coronavirus

My grandpa's funeral stuff the last few days has been the strangest I've ever seen. The Coronavirus craze minimized the attendance of his wake and funeral by a lot. They had his wake at the Parish Center across the street from the Funeral Home as there would most likely be too many people for the funeral home. In the end it didn't matter as they would only let 10 people into the building at one time, so many people didn't come. The people who did come all stood outside together lol, so I don't see how limiting the building to 10 people made much of a difference. 
So today was the actual funeral and the only people who could go into the church were my grandma and her 10 kids. The funeral home however did a livestream of the funeral on Facebook that many of my relatives watched at my grandma's house. 
Once the funeral was over everyone was then again allowed to go to the grave site at the same time...makes zero sense. 

So moral of the story of this post..
While I was standing outside waiting to head up to the grave site I noticed the military vets standing outside the church. I never realized that the american legion in town is post 224 in which my grandpa was a part of. It just makes me laugh as my last blog post was all about the number 224. 
It's a number that has been important all year and in connection to Kobe Bryant. 

This coronavirus shit has made the world crazy. 

One of my grandpa's good friends died last May as well which I know is important to his death. They both drove a Bus for the School for many years and I grew up knowing both of them. 
Notice I had synchronicity with Dover dying on what would have been my grandpa's 86th bday. 
My sync was with his grandson Jimmy, who oddly enough is now moving back to Dunlap. I just saw him about a week ago and he told me he is moving back and got a job doing overnights at the nursing home. It's funny as my girlfriend just quit overnights at the nursing home in town, so he's kind've replacing her. 
Also Jimmy was important to why I realized a lot of the stuff with Slipknot last year....
Once again my grandpa's bday is the annivesary of Israel declaring it's independence....the man from Zion, Illinois died at the Slipknot concert on 8/11. 

Jimmy had moved to the Seattle Area too reminding me of the Coronavirus...
My grandpa died on the 70th day of 2020. 
He died a span of 65 days before his bday and 301 days after his bday...
Pandemic=65 and 301(FB)

haha seriously...remember when I was documenting about the number 177 around October to New Years? I wonder if this whole thing was connected to coronavirus and I was just missing a detail...

Martial Law=70

I wrote this last night, but fell posting it now. 

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