Friday, March 6, 2020

Tim Russert is 322 in Francis Bacon gematria-Skull and Bones is 201

I just wanted to give another example of why Francis Bacon/Franc Baconis ciphers are legit. 
Remember Tim Russert the guy who called out the number 322 and Skull and Bones when John Kerry was running against Bush....both members of Skull and Bones...

Tim Russert=322(FB)
He died at 2:23pm. 

It's the same stuff I have been saying forever. Tim Russert was just playing his part. He was supposed to ask Kerry and Bush about Skull and Bones as it was part of the script. I don't think he was some vigilante guy calling them out. His interviews got popular within the truth community for a reason. 
Skull and Bones=201(FB)

Russert did die by numbers important to Freemasonry too. 


  1. Aretha = 195 Jewish. She died 888 days before the 2021 inauguration.

  2. I agree, Tim was/is in the club. He wouldn't have been a journalist at that level without being in the club.

  3. Dan, John Stockton's middle name is "HOUSTON". John Houston Stockman. Utah.

    Born March 26th which is interesting, 3/26 or 26/3, 263 the 56th prime