Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Rip Taylor dead 2 days after the Joker film released-The Simpsons episode where Homer Kills Prince, George Clooney, and Neil Armstrong

I documented last night about George Clooney and the episode of the Simpsons where Homer kills him, Prince and Neil Armstrong. 
Clooney born on 5/6...the day important to France and so on...
As I was looking at my old post about this I noticed the episode also did a joke about Rip Taylor not being dead yet. 
What are the odds that 2 days after the film "Joker" came out in 2019 we got the death of RIP Taylor? 

Prince wrote the soundtrack for the 1989 Batman film. 
George Clooney is Batman in Batman and Robin...
Batman shooting synced to the Moon landing with Neil Armstrong. 
Notice the Joker film came out 215 days before the date of 5/6 too. 
The Dark Knight=215
The Aurora, Illinois shooting last year on 2/15. 
Aurora the City of Light..
Paris the City of Lights.

Francis Bacon ciphers strike again..
Notice he died 266 days after his bday...
266 of course important to Pope Francis the 266th Pope and so on..
Rip Taylor=266(FB)

Maybe I documented this before too...but Neil Armstrong died in 2012 just after the Batman shooting. Yet again, I know Batman is important to the moon landing. 
He died 1 month 5 days later...

Armstrong died during a leap year. 
Prince died during a leap year. 
2020 is a leap year. 

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