Saturday, March 7, 2020

James Bond film "No Time to Die" pushed back 7 months due to Coronavirus-Batman

Once again the importance of the Aurora Batman shooting synced up to China. 
The building that said Aurora on it at the previews of the The Dark Knight Rises was from the trailer of James Bond "Skyfall". The building was the Aurora plaza in China...

Now the newest James Bond film is being pushed back due to Coronavirus that started in China. 

Daniel Craig=56 and 83
James Bond=83

It was supposed to premiere in London on 3/31/2020. 
This was 111 days before the anniversary of the Batman shooting. 

It would help if I have watched any of these James Bond films, but I think I've only watched one...I mean I've seen pieces of the old ones but have never actually watched a full movie other than "The World is Not Enough"..and that was when Pierce Brosnan was James Bond.  It's interesting as I went to this film with my friend Norm who is connected to Houston and the Batman shooting as well. 

Just documenting but Pierce Brosnan's bday is the 136th day of the year...
The Dark Knight=136
Pierce Brosnan=139
3/4 to the Batman shooting anniversary is 139 days(end date)
The James Bond Film got pushed back to 11/12, which is Charles Manson's bday....just interesting considering I see Brosnan was in a Roman Polanski film called, "The Ghost Writer". 
The only other movie I am instantly reminded of when I think of Brosnan is "Mars Attacks", which is a Tim Burton Film....think about this in regards to also has Jack Nicholson as the president....Danny Devito...

Plus we just had this story on CNN about the Mars Rover...

The Rover landed on Mars on 8/6/2012....just after the Batman shooting in Aurora. 
Aurora Colorado=86
James Eagan Holmes=86
So on...

I also see on the new Batman in 2021 they are bringing back the Riddler and Penguin characters...

Remember the Navy admitted to UFO's 86 days before Tom DeLonge's bday...
Remember Lil Wayne was on tour with Blink 182 last summer and was there was a story of how he might quit the tour....Wayne important to that same blog post I had synchronicity with Magic....reminding me of Aleister Crowley and the being named Aiwass who looked like a Grey Alien....This year is important to that as Crowley died 72 years ago at the age of 72....Demons...Aliens...72 names of God..."Aiwass"=72 so on..
This could be why Will Smith/Fresh Prince has been important to the Kobe narrative as well...Independence Day


Mars also the god of War...

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