Monday, March 23, 2020

John Kerry born in Aurora, Colorado and is 76 years old-Batman/Joker-Skull and Bones-Black Death

John Kerry was born in Aurora, Colorado? 
Remember Batman is important to 322 and Skull and Bones, which George Bush and John Kerry are both members of. 
The Batman shooting was in Aurora, Colorado. 
Interesting he just turned 76 years old in December too. 
George W. Bush's bday is 7/6. 
In regards to the Illuminati, the date of 7/6 this year is the 188th day. 
Bavarian Illuminati=188

The date of 7/6 on Wikipedia tells us that Pope Clement VI passed a papal bull to protect the Jews who were accused of starting the "Black Death"..The Plague...
Interesting he was a Pope after a Benedict, just as Pope Francis is. 

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