Friday, March 20, 2020

Utah Earthquake on 3/18 knocks Trumpet from Mormon Temple Statue of Angel Moroni-

A 5.7 earthquake knocked the trumpet out of the Angel Moroni's statue yesterday on 3/18? 
Angel Moroni=57
Mormon Temple=57
Yesterday was the 78th day of the year. 
Salt Lake City=78
Remember how 318 is known as the "God" number as well. The return of Jesus is mentioned 318 times in the new testament. It's the "God" number on Touch and so on..
Bull God=318(satanic)
The 1st Council of Nicaea had 318 people present. 
Constantine born on 2/27...Edict of Milan in 313AD.

I have been talking much about revelation/Pope Francis visit to the US and the importance to France lately too. 

Remember the day Pope Francis arrived in America(9/22/15) was the anniversary of the French Republic. It was also the 188th anniversary of Moroni allowing Joseph Smith to take the golden plates. 
Notice that yesterday was 188 days before 9/22. 
Latter Day Saints=188
Salt Lake City, Utah=188
Bavarian Illuminati=188

Joseph Smith died 188 days after his bday too. 

2015 was the 239th year of the United States and the Illuminati. 
Society of Jesus=239(FB)
The 52nd prime is 239. 
The Book of Mormon is 239 chapters. 
Joseph Smith=52
Latter Day Saint=52
The Paris Attack happened 52 days after 9/22. 
Remember this attack was important to Friday the Thirteenth and the demise of the Knights Templar in France. 
I'm mentioning this as the final grand master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay is said to be burned at the stake on 3/18...possibly 3/11 as well. 
Jacques de Molay=52 and 227

The next Friday the Thirteenth will be 11/13/2020 which is the 5th anniversary of the Paris Attack. 
11/13/2020 will be the 318th day of the year. 

Also I'm bringing this up considering this year will be the 244th year of the United States and Illuminati. 
Salt Lake City, Utah=244

Remember Trump declared Coronavirus a national emergency on Friday the Thirteenth or 3/13...which is Pope Francis' anniversary being Pope. 
Trump's 70th bday was Francis' 1,189th day as Pope. 
KJV with 1,189 Chapters. 
Key of David=1189
Donald J. Trump=1189
This is why Slipknot was important as well. 
Corey Taylor=1189

Coronavirus=70, 56, 142, 155
Joseph Smith=52, 56, 142, 155

Remember too how Larry Johnson started sharing gematria on the same day as event 201. 
Larry Johnson=155

Think how Joseph Smith was trying to establish an American ZION too. 
Zion Williamson...8/11...
Golden Gate=239
Notice the Mormons New Jerusalem is supposed to be located in Independence, Missouri too? 
Independence, Missouri is in Jackson County where the Kansas Chiefs play too. Think about Mormon Andy Reid winning the Super Bowl and all of the Chiefs stuff being important to the Mormons. 
Andy Reid=188(FB)
Plus the Lamanites were the ancient Israelites who turned away from god and became the native americans according the the mormons. 

This is also curious as it's 1 month 16 days after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Remember I have said this number is important to the Indians/Native American Theme...this year will be the 116th World Series. 
The 155th day is normally 6/4...this year it's 6/3..
Native American=63
Native Americans=64
The NBA Finals were supposed to begin on 6/4. 

Also Harry S. Truman grew up in Independence, Missouri. Remember how he is connected to Donald Trump winning the election after the Indians lost in the World Series...all the 48 stuff. 
The Simpsons Indian Casino episode predicted Trump to be president. 

Remember too the lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon by Martin Harris. 

Trump Pence
Pence is from the land of the Indians(Indiana). He's also in charge of Coronavirus. 
Michael Richard Pence=155

This earthquake came 81 days or 2 months 20 days before Pence's bday. 
Mike Pence=45 and 81
Trump the 45th president. 
Utah the 45th state. 
Donald John Trump=220

This story is also 88 days or 2 months 27 days before Trump's bday. 
227 the number important to France. 
Pope Francis=227(FB)
The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints=227

Joseph Smith died 88 days or 2 months 27 days before the anniversary of him being allowed to take the Golden Plates. 

This story also came 3 months 9 days before the annivesary of Joseph Smith dying. 
Salt Lake City=39

Notice the Illuminati was established 4 months 21 days before 9/22 as well. 
This is interesting as the Book of Mormon is about the prophets who lived in America from 2200 BC to 421 AD. 

Remember Rome was founded on the date 4/21. 

4/21 is also Queen Elizabeth II's bday and she surpassed Queen Victoria for longest reigning Monarch. Victoria surpassed George III on 9/22 which is also the day he was coronated....George III was king during the French and American Revolutions. 

Also cannot forget that Joseph Smith was a Freemason. 
Notice the All Seeing Eye and the Masonic handshake on this Temple where the Trumpet fell. 
The LDS church was founded on 4/6/1830. 
This was the 96th day of the year. 
LDS Church=96

Adam Weishaupt also died 227 days(end date) after the founding of the LDS church in 1830. 
1830 was also the year of the 2nd French Revolution. 

Also I'm reminded of the Angel of Independence Statue/Earthquake in Mexico and how it synced to Pope Francis' visit to Mexico. It was also connected to the Independence Day Earthquake in Los Angeles in 2019. 

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