Sunday, March 22, 2020

Pope Benedict XVI-The date of 5/5 in regards to Pope Francis/France/Mexico/Earthquake

Joseph Ratzinger=266(FB) and 83
Pope Francis the 266th pope after him on 3/13/13. 
3rd prime is 2 and 13th prime is 6...(2 6 6)
Pope Francis went to the White House on the 266th day of the year. 
Pope Francis is 83 years old...
I'm just thinking about how many times I've mentioned Kobe/Pope and the year 2013....will we see a new Pope in 2020? 

Remember all the 81 stuff with Benedict and Francis as well. 
Benedict's bday is 8 months 1 day before Francis. 
Benedict became Pope on 4/19....419 the 81st prime. 
2017 was super important to Pope Francis and the number 81 with bridges and Kobe.

Remember in 2018 Pope Benedict said he was preparing for Home as well. 
I only mention this because he is going to be 93 years old next month. 
Saturn=93 and 511
Benedict's bday is 5 months 11 days before the Jesuit anniversary.  

I need to find my old video talking about the Popes. I remember something about all the Popes named Benedict quit early or died early...something of the sort anyway. 

I also watched the Bru Ko video Zach was talking about and it made me think about the date of 5/5 as well. I've mentioned a lot with 5/6, but 5/5 seems just as important.

5/5 is 145 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Jorge Bergoglio=145

Pope Francis=227(FB)
5/5 is a span of 227 days before his 84th bday. 

5/5 is also the anniversary of the French Revolution beginning and Napoleon dying. It's also "Cinco de Mayo"=55 in which Mexico defeated the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. 
Remember the 9/19/2017 Earthquake that was 55km south of Puebla and was synced to Pope Francis visiting Mexico.(585 days earlier). 
This earthquake was important to the Angel of Independence Statue and the reason we got the Los Angeles Earthquake on Independence day in 2019. 

It's funny he had the clip of Homer Simpson killing Neil Armstrong, Prince, and George Clooney as well. 
I just mentioned this episode not too long ago in regards to Clooney being born on 5/6 and RIP Taylor dying. 

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