Thursday, March 26, 2020

Prince Charles has coronavirus and the Princess Diana connection(244)-France-Taylor Swift/Illuminati/Freemasons/Jesuits

I woke up this morning with a message from Bobby about Prince Charles having coronavirus. Of course I go to CNN and the breaking story is Prince Charles has coronavirus. 
Corona means "Crown"
This comes after the Real Madrid owner dies...
Real means Royal. 
All of the Kobe stuff was synced to the King symbolism..
Isaiah Thomas sister dying in a Camry(Crown)..playing for the Sacramento Kings. Cousins the former King...LeBron James is the King. Luke Walton now the coach of the Kings. 
Kobe has the Crown tattoo. 
This is why Kobe died the same day as the ROYAL rumble as it was synced to the CROWN Jewel and Greatest ROYAL Rumble in Saudi Arabia. Also synced to Shane McMahon's helicopter crash  and the KING Power owners helicopter crash. 

It's also interesting that last night I documented about the Kanye/Taylor Swift stuff and it's connections to France. I even reminded that it's important to Queen Elizabeth II in the post. 
I then had synchronicity with the film "The Stand" and Blackouts. The only reason I started watching the film was because of this message from Zenith of the Alpha. 
Notice how he mentioned the connection to Princess Diana? 
I'm mentioning this because Princess Diana is super connected to this story of Prince Charles having coronavirus. 

Notice today is 132 days after Prince Charles' 71st bday? 
Princess Diana=132
She died 132 days after Queen Elizabeth's 71st bday. 
United States of America=132
Diana born on 7/1. 
Diana Spencer=71
Queen Elizabeth's bday is 71 days before 7/1. 
Diana's bday was 7 months 17 days after Prince Charles. 
After they divorced Charles married Princess Camilla who was born on 7/17. 
The House of Windsor established on 7/17/17. 

It's no coincidence this story comes 132 days before Meghan Markle's bday either. 

Catholic Church=132 
Roman Catholic=132
Elizabeth became queen 132 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Think how coronavirus was announced a national emergency on Pope Francis' anniversary being the Pope. 

Jorge Bergoglio=71
Vatican City=71

The same Pope(Paul III) who approved the Jesuits did the final excommunication of King Henry VIII. This is why there was the Church of England was established. Thus creating political/religious turmoil in England for a number years.  

Remember King Charles I married Henrietta Maria of FRANCE. She was a catholic and unpopular due to the English Reformation. 
Maryland where the catholic colony in the US was is named after Henrietta Maria. 
Henry VIII's first wife was the daughter of Isabella of Castile who financed Christopher Columbus. 

Remember modern freemasonry was founded on 6/24/1717. 
King Charles III=624(satanic)
Elizabeth's bday is 6 months 24 days before Charles' bday. 
King Henry VIII was coronated on 6/24. 

Elizabeth also became queen on 2/6 which is the day Adam Weishaupt was born. Also the day King Charles II died. 
Think about Prince Charles who could be the next King. 

Notice how this story comes 5 months 6 days before the 23rd anniversary of Princess Diana dying too. 
Royal Family=56
Also notice that this year 8/31 is the 244th day of the year. 
This means it's the 244th day of the year in the 244th year of the United States. 
King Charles III=244

This story comes 3 months 6 days before the anniversary of Diana's bday. 
Remember she died age 36 in Paris, France. 
Paris=36, 63 and 27
This story also came 27 days before Elizabeth II's bday. 

Notice they announced this on the 6th month 3rd day of the French Republic too. 

Remember how Nascar was super synced to this narrative last year too. 
This year the 49th modern Cup and so on(49th prime is 227)
Dale Earnhardt did a race tribute to his father on 8/31 in Darlington. All year I mentioned how Nascar was synced to France as Bill France was the founder. Then Earnhardt was in a plane crash on Napoleon's bday at the ELIZABETHton airport. ...then the French racer Anthoine Hubert died on 8/31....
Princess Diana died in a car wreck in France...and last year Prince Philip was also in the car wreck 227 days before 8/31. 

I'm curious about Ryan Newman(Rocketman) wrecking as well. It was a few days after Elton John was sick....Remember Elton was friends with Princess Diana...
The current leader in points of Nascar is Joey Logano. He has the nickname "Sliced Bread" reminding us of the Talladega Nights stuff and Wonder Bread. I also covered a bunch about Logano in 2014 as he won 2 of his 3 races with "Call 8-1-1" on his car. It was important to California Chrome and then American Pharaoh in the Triple CROWN too. 

This story comes 2 months 27 days before Prince William's bday too. 
King William V=142
William V=38 and he will be 38 years old this year. 

Remember Prince Archie born on 5/6 last year too. 
Princess Charlotte important in 2015 and born on 5/2. 

What are the odds that wikipedia mentions George Clooney being important to the media after Princess Diana died too? 
Clooney born on 5/6 and so on..

I missed an important piece last night as well. Taylor Swift's last bday was on Friday the Thirteenth. 
National Emergency of Coronavirus on Friday 13th..
2015 Paris Attacks on Friday 13th. 
I also missed this piece in 2018 when Kanye said Drake was threatening him on 12/13/18. 
It was super connected to the Illuminati and France, but I never realized it was Taylor Swift's bday haha. This is perfect. 

I also have to note that the Kanye/Taylor stuff was important to Freddie Krueger...which reminds me of Jason and Friday the 13th..

Look at that...Freddy vs Jason came out on Napoleon's bday or the 227th day of the year. 
Freddy played by Robert ENGLUND. 

Philip IV=56 and 227(FB)
He's the French King who wiped out the Knights Templar. 

The Jesuits established in France. 
The Illuminati has the ties to the Jesuits with Adam Weishaupt and the French Revolution. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry established in France. 
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=244
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=227

Maybe I have documented about this before, but Pope Paul III died on 11/10. This is my bday, and it's also Martin Luther's bday. 
Think about the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther in regards to the Jesuits. 
He had the 95 Theses and important to the number 95...
The Jesuit founded on the day leaving 95 days in the year. 
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
I was born exactly 499 years after Martin Luther. 
The 95th prime number is 499. 
That's a pretty interesting connection to my own life. 
It's also something I discovered a super long time ago, like in my youth sometime. I can't remember exactly why, but someone was telling me about famous people born on 11/10 and his name always stuck out to me. Probably because I was Catholic and always searching for answers outside of my trained religion. 

House of Windsor=239(FB)
House of Mountbatten Windsor=132


  1. Queen Victoria has something to do with this too. This May 24/20 will be the 201st (event 201) anniversary of her birth. January 22/20 was the 119th anniversary of her death. Anyway I did a lot of number crunching and found interesting connections. Another thing I notice, yesterday I saw some articles about postponing the release of "Wonder Woman 1984" due to the "virus". Her name is "Princess Diana of Themyscira, her civilian name is "Diana Prince"...

    1. Victoria is the Grandmother of Europe. Her reign brought about the concept of Family Monarchy. Her numbers with major dates are very interesting. Used those for Super Bowl when realizing Kansas City sports were all Royal themed (Royals,Chiefs,Kings,Monarchs) All royal dates and numbers are intertwined

  2. Also Prince Philip's car crash on January 17, 2019 figures in here somehow too. I saw that from January 17, 2020 to April 4, 2020 = 444 days (including end date). April 4, 2020 is 4/4/2020 (2+2=4) so reduced = 4/4/4....April 4th is full of important historical events including Loyola being made 1st Superior-General of Jesuits. One thing to note is in the novel 1984, Winston starts his journal with the date April 4, 1984, 36 years ago. The new Wonder Woman movie 1984??? Food for thought, thanks.

  3. Funny thing would be if Prince Philip "goes down" with the "virus" after he said that comment about coming back as a virus.