Sunday, March 22, 2020

Chet Hanks responds to claims he's in the Illuminati

I just saw Zach's video about Chet Hanks responding the the Illuminati allegations. It was his 206th post on Instagram. 
Seattle in the 206 area code...where Coronavirus began in the US. 
Sleepless in on..
Once again though,  the Francis Bacon ciphers are important. 
Chet Hanks=206(FB)

Chet posted on his instagram on 3/11 that his mom and dad had coronavirus. It was a big deal because he did it shirtless and has the all seeing eye tattoo on his chest. Think about his father being in "The Da Vinci Code"...the Illuminati. 

Notice Tom Hanks got coronavirus 146 days before his Chet's bday? 
Leonardo da Vinci=146 and 311(FB)
Think how he got it on 3/11. 
It was also a span of 221 days after Chet's bday. 
The Bavarian Illuminati=221 and 424(FB)
Eye of Providence=424(FB)
All Seeing Eye=56

Tom Hanks also got coronavirus 146 days(end date) after Event 201. 

Tom Hanks also got coronavirus 1 month 20 days before the Illuminati's bday and 120 days before his own bday. 

Chet's response was on 3/20 which is the 80th day of the year. 
Bavarian Illuminati=80
One Hundred Twenty=80
Adam Weishaupt died 80 days before his bday. 

I like how he says it's the Trump supporters who think this too. 
Donald Trump=48
Illuminati=48 and 150
Trump supporters=150
Trump's bday is 14/6.  I also want to add that  
Chet Hanks=176(FB)


  1. Kenny Rogers born 612 days after Pope Francis. Revelation 6:12, Pulse. Born 1377 days after Pulse. Ordinal value for Revelation 8:11.

    Born in Houston. Story out of Houston about a couple who tipped Irma's Restaurant 9400 dollars. Time stamped 6:22:20 on the receipt. June 22nd is 94 days after Kennys death and Kenny died 94 days after the Pope.

    Died 1481 days to eclipse on 4/8/2024. Kenneth Ray Rogers = 1481. The movie "The Gambler" premiered 4/8/1980. Born 8/21/1938 or 79 years before the 1st great american eclipse. 79 years is the opposition cycle of Mars. It was in the same place on 8/21/2017 as it was on his bday 8/21/1938

    The date to date from the films release to his death reduces to 267th prime. Days remaining on April 8th is 267. Galactic Center at 267°

  2. I meant he died 1377 days after Pulse

  3. Pluto Mars conjunction Sunday night (3/22). Closest since 1772. Pluto has a 248 year orbit. Demoted as a planet on 24/8 in 2006. Kobe wore the numbers 24&8. 1772 was leading up to the American Revolution. 248 years before that was 1524 in the heat of the Protestant Reformation. Zach a Lutherian.

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  6. Ohhhhhhh REALLY? Wow. Well congratulations and good for you for finding your way out of poor sad poverty. Let me ask you something, oh enlightened one...
    If the Illuminati is so “secret” why then are you all constantly EXPOSING YOURSELVES? Something else you might want to consider? Satan hates EVERYONE. Including YOU. That’s his job. That’s what he does. Satan is not your homeboy. He never asked for any sacrifices. He doesn’t hang with you, or guide you, or protect you, or give you power. ATTN: Illuminati, He fucking HATES YOU. Period. That’s his job and don’t think he won’t ass fuck each and every one of you in the end and laugh his f-ing ass off. Bottom line? You RUN with your MAKER. And when your life is done? You GO with your MAKER.
    Sadly... People who are brainwashed and in cults never know that they are brainwashed and in cults. The Illuminati is nothing but dead mind controlled clones. All of them victims and puppets stripped of their entire lives.😢
    And with that... COVID=FAKE 911=INSIDE JOB NOBODY EVER WALKED ON THE MOON. JFK=CIA Every famous person who has died or had their reputation or mental health destroyed? Illuminati. Good fucking job Illuminati. You must be so proud of yourselves you sad pathetic ignorant misguided corrupt desperate fools. You are nothing more than lost souls. Definitely NOT illuminated. Definitely NOT enlightened.
    If you are doing ANYTHING that has to be hidden from the public? Then what you are doing is WRONG. You will NEVER obtain a New World Order. Never. You are NOT illuminated. You are human beings.
    Get over yourselves. Let it GO.
    Hey Illuminati... You guys can walk away any time. Your true maker will always take you back in a heartbeat. With your true creator is where you BELONG. Satan doesn’t own your souls. Satan is a force not a god. Satan didn’t create you. The only spirit that created you is the spirit light of God our creator. Not the God who is found in man made religion. I am talking about, God who is found in your heart, your soul, your energy, in love, and in the universe. Satan doesn’t own anyone’s soul. That is ridiculous.
    Hey Illuminati. Don’t be afraid. Walk away.

  7. Your Thoughtful Airman, WOW. Very Impressive.

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