Tuesday, March 1, 2016

George Kennedy "Naked Gun" actor Dies age 91

Another 91 dealing with elimination. 
What gets me the most about this guy dying is that earlier this month I mentioned this movie because of OJ Simpson. I was talking about the White Bronco with the Denver Broncos and the FX series about OJ Simpson that came out 5 days before the Superbowl.   

Movie came out on 12/2.  (122)  and even 85 minutes long. 
The Naked Gun=47, 56, 110
Osama Bin Laden=47, 56, 110
This movie is all about a planned assassination on Queen Elizabeth II too. Leslie Neilsen's Character stops the plot at a California Angels game.   
Interesting Queen Elizabeth II was 62 years old when this movie came out. A number she is surrounded with.
Became Queen on 2/6 1952. She turned 26 that year. Was born in 1926. Coronated on 6/2  62 years ago. 
Queen=26, 62  26+62=88
Elizabeth=88(year she turned 62)

I feel like the Death of George Gaynes is somehow connected to this as well. The Police Academy Actor who died on 2/15 age 98. The last day of "Lupercalia"=98
Both have names of George.
The line of Succession for the royal crown is 
Prince Charles
Prince William
Prince George. 

King George III also who the US gained our independence from. 

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