Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tony Bennett collapse and how it connects to Warrior/Cavs 9/23 Also Warriors win over Spurs on 3/19?

Tony Bennett head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers collapsed yesterday due to dehydration. 
Funny the first thing I thought about was the singer Tony Bennett and I see TMZ even has an article with the Singer saying it wasn't him who collapsed, it was the other Tony Bennett.  

Singer Tony Bennett is 89 years old.  Born on 8/3. 
Virginia Cavaliers=89
Virginia is called the Cavaliers.  Funny they are showing us the NBA in this. 
Lebron James plays for the Cavaliers. 
King James=89
The game was played in "Raleigh North CArolina"=109
Seems interesting considering the Cleveland Cavs won tonight(next night) scoring 109 points. 

Notice yesterday was 227 days after The Singer's 89th Bday.  
227 the 49th prime. 
Interesting I've talked about how the Wizards and Knicks were connected to the Cavs and Warriors too.   
Wizards beat Cavs on 12/1 and also 2/28.   Normally 2 months 28 days is 89 days, but since February is a short month the time span of the 2 Wizards wins over the Cavs  is 2 months 27 days. 

The Warriors play the Wizards on 3/29 too which is interesting. 
3/29 is the backwards 9/23.    6/26 is the middle day between them.  It's 89 days to 6/26  and 89 days after that is 9/23. 

3/29 is also the 89th day of the year in 2016. 
Eighty nine=62

Lebron got his 9 of 23 146 days before 3/29. 
Oakland California=146
David Michael Blatt=146 
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope is June 14th 2016. 
Which is 14/6  2016. 
1,189 Chapters in the King James Bible. 
14/6 also is Donald Trump's Birthday. He will be 70. 

Tony Bennett Collapsed on Pope Francis' 3rd year 4th day as Pope. 
I've been mentioning how the 34 is connected to the 9/23 too.  
The Warriors even played the Wizards on 2/3 (34th day). 

Interesting thing about this Collapsing story is that the Tony Bennett came back in the 2nd half and they won 81-45.   
They won by 36.  Just want to point out the Warriors just defeated the Knicks by 36 too.  
So it makes it seem as if the Cavs fall but then rise up but..
Eighty One=108, 54
Forty Five=54, 126
Golden State Warriors=108
The Total Score 45+81=126  

Notice the Wizards and Warriors only play each other 2 times this season.  1 month 26 days apart.    Curry even scored 51 points in the 1st game. 
The reason the Wizards are important is because they play in Washington DC.  Where Pope Francis went to the White House on 9/23 at 9:23am.  He even arrived in America on his 923rd day as Pope. 

9/23 to 3/29  is 6 months 6 days.   66
Also 26 weeks 6 days. 
Francis the 266th Pope   9/23 the 266th day of year. 
Interesting it's 51.51% of a year(Cleveland 51 stuff)
The Philadelphia Train was Northeast Regional No. 188 too. 
6/26 leaves 188 days in the year. 

3/29 is also 322 days after the Philly Train Wreck.   Also 46 weeks. 
Tony Bennett=46,  154
6/2/16 is the 154th day of the year. (NBA Finals Begin 26 or 62)
Both 46 and 154 coded to the Superbowl as well. 
Coded to 1985 Bears and Superbowl XX won by Chicago. 
Chicago=46  Won with 46 points using the revolutionary 4-6 defense.  Much more to this...
Denver Broncos=154
Levis Stadium=154
Broncos finished with a 15-4 record. 
More to this as well. 

This year in NBA it's all about the Chicago Bulls 72-10 record as well. 

The collapse also happened 43 days after Warriors Defeated Wizards and Curry had 51.    It's also 1 month 14 days. 
Lebron James=114.   shot 9 of 23 on 11/4. 
Also 6 weeks 1 day. 

Tony Bennett born on 6/1  and is 46 years old. 
Notice too the game Virginia won against Hampton was their 34th game.  Giving them a record of 27-7. 
Notice too he collapsed just before haltime.  The halftime score was 40-21.   40+21=61
Interesting note: WWII lasted 6 years 1 day. 

He collapsed with 34 seconds left in the 1st half too.
Actually 34.1 seconds left.  This almost has to be telling us the Spurs vs Warriors game tomorrow night.  Warriors just dominated Dallas tonight giving them a 62-6 record like I said days ago I thought would happen. 

If Warriors win tomorrow they will break the Spurs 34 game win streak at Home. Giving them a 34-1 record.  Hence the 34.1 seconds. Warriors also just beat Dallas who had a 34-34 record. So they kept them on their 34 wins.  
A Warriors win would also make their Away record 31-6.  Just made a big post about Obama and the March 16th or 3/16 or 16/3. 
Plus 31 is the Warriors big number they are connected to. 
They got Anderson Varejao 31 days after Steve Kerr came back on 1/22.    
2/22 to 3/19 is 26 days. 
Bennett=26, 80
Sixty Three and Six=80 
Warriors beat the Spurs by 30 on 1/25 giving them a record of 41-4. After beating Dallas tonight Warrior only have 14 games left. 
The last time the Warriors beat the Spurs at home was on 2/14/1997.      So 19 years and 34 days before this game. On Valentines of all days.  Remember last year the Warriors won the Finals 122 days after Valentines.   Golden State=122. Pope Francis=122. 
Warriors all about 113. (See my previous posts)

The Singer Tony Bennett is famous for his Signature Song. "I left my heart in San Francisco".   Interesting the Warriors play in the San Fran Bay area.  Also This guy born in 1926.
He even sang on the Game 5 of the 111th World Series on 11/1. 
Also just released an Album when Pope Francis was in New York during his trip to the US.  Bennett from New York. 
The only reason I noticed the Lebron James 9 of 23 game was because the TV power went out in Game 1 of the World Series.  It went out at 9:19 and came back on at 9:23. Lebron was 9 of 19 the day after the World Series on 11/2.  Then 9 of 23 his next game on 11/4.   
He sang "America the Beautiful"=80, 180 at the World Series. 

The Album was composed by this guy who died on 11/11/ 1945. So Veterans day the year WWII ends.    So he dies  71 days after WWII Ends(End date) and this year will even the 71st anniversary of his death. 
Jerome Kern=51, 114
Lebron James=51, 114 
Jerome David Kern=73, 154 

Freemasonry=58, 139  
Spurs have 58 wins right now. 
Sixty nine=139  (Warriors 69th game)
It's also 139 days after 11/1 when Tony Bennett sang America the Beautiful . 

3/19 also Jordan's first game back after retiring. Notice the Bulls lost and kept 34 wins. 
Jordan was also 31 years old.   He turned 53 on 2/17/16.   Which is 31 days before 3/19/16.   Notice it said Bennett was moved to the Locker Room with 5.3 seconds left too.   53 also a number Warriors super involved with.  (Previous Posts..Varejao, Portland and more)
Jordan came back wearing # 45   When the Warriors defeated Spurs on 1/25 it was both teams 45th game of the season.  Also Valentines the 45th day of the year. 


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