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Spurs Defeat Warriors. Donald Trump Pope Francis, 6's 1,189 9/23 Cavs lose to Heat Easter

So Warriors lost to the Spurs, which I said in a previous post I didn't think would happen, but I did miss some crucial information in regards to 44.  
Spurs got their 44 home win in a row on the 144th day of the NBA Season. 
Forty Four=144
March 19th is 3/19 or 19/3.
44th prime number is 193. 
Warriors lost 33 in row to the Spurs at Home.  So interesting the next game will be the 34th game since the Warriors beat the Spurs at home.  I've talked about the connections of 34 to the 9/23.  If Warriors win they will be 1-33.  
Remember Pope Francis became Pope on 13/3/13. 
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=133, 313  

There has been a lot of "6' references this year.  Whether it's 6, 26, 36 or mirrors 62, 63.  66  666.  It's just been in almost everything. This game was coded to a lot of this as well.   

This game once again has connections to Pope Francis and also Donald Trump too. 
Before I even begin just want to point out..
Pope Francis=122
Golden State=122
San Antonio=122
One Hundred Twenty Two=93

This game came 93 days after Pope Francis turned 79 years old. Pope Francis Born in 1936.
3/19/16 was Francis' 3rd year 6th day as Pope. 
March 19th is the 79th day of the year. 
Warriors scored 79 points. 

3/19 to 6/6 is 79 days too.  Remember last year I predicted the Royals winning the World series because a guy dressed as the Pope caught a HR ball of Salvador Perez on 6/6.  Perez was even World Series MVP. 

Seventy Nine=62(S exception)
Warriors kept their 62 wins against Spurs. 
San Antonio Spurs=62  
Spurs led by 6 at Halftime.  
NBA Finals begin on 6/2.  
Warriors now have an Away Record of 30-7.   
63rd prime is 307. 
Also a Record of 62-7 now. 
Sixty Two and Seven=239 
Warriors lost to the Lakers on 3/6 the 66th day of year. 
They just beat the Knicks by 36 points (Pope Francis Trip). 
Warriors lost by "Eight"=31, 49
Picked up Varejao 31 days after Kerr came back.  Vaejao replaced # 31 Ezeli. 
California the 31st state. 
Much more. 

I've also mentioned how the 9/23 stuff always seems to go back to Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Train Wreck that happened at 9:23 on 5/12.    Interesting it's 44 weeks 4 days before 3/19. 

Notice 3/19 is 178 days after 9/23/15.  Also 5 months 25 days. 

I've been talking about this day forever now and how it's connected to so many things.   Look it's the 178th day this year.   Also with 188 remaining. 

3/19 is 188 days before 9/23/16. Also it's 26 weeks 6 days. 
Pope Francis the 266th Pope.   9/23 the 266th day(Non Leap)

June Twenty Sixth=66
6/26/16  is Pope Francis' 1,201st day as Pope. 
June 26th is also 62/6  or 26/6.  

923+266=1189 (Chapters in KJV)

In my last post I mentioned how Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was also Donald Trump's 70th birthday.  June 14th  or 6/14  ro 14/6. 
We've been seeing the 146 connected to a bunch of stories.  
Oakland California=146
David Michael Blatt=146
9/23/15 to 3/19/16 is 5 months 25 days. 
5/25 is the 146th day 
See my posts on 2/13.  There were multiple stories involving 146 that day. John Calipari=62, 116  ejected after 146 seconds.  Pennsyvlania car wreck..  
Calipari    116  2/13 was also the same day Scalia died.  I just made posts on the Judges and the 116 coding. 

2/13 to 14/6 is 122 days. 

Moral of the Story notice the Total Score of the game. 
June 14th is the 166th day
Spurs now have a record of "Fifty Nine and Ten"=166

Spurs going into the game with 58 wins. 
The Score 87. 
Eighty Seven=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139 

This year Easter Just so happens to fall on 3/27 which is the 87th day of the year in 2016.  
Easter Sunday=152, 44
Seventy Nine=152     Warriors lost with 79. 
3/19 to 6/2 also a span of 75 days. 
Seventy Five=152 
March Nineteenth Two thousand Sixteen=152

Anyway let's talk about Donald Trump and how he's connected to this. So born on 14/6     Also interesting he announced he was running for president the same day the Warriors won the NBA Finals last year. 6/16/15.  

Notice He is 69 years old.   Yesterday was both the Spurs and Warriors 69th game of the Season. 
Sixty Nine=49, 58, 139

I've also talked a lot about the Cavaliers/Warriors Finals.  The Cavaliers lost to Miami Heat on 3/19.  122-101.   
Miami Heat=79
They scored 122  Golden State=122
Cavaliers score 101    the 26th prime is 101.  
Cleveland CAvaliers=69   Lost their 69th game. 
Anyway main reason I mention this is because of the Lebron James 9 of 23 game on 11/4.    
11/4 to 1/18 is 75 days.  When the Warriors beat the Cavs by 34,  34 games after 11/4.   
3/19 to 6/2 is also 75 days. 

Look a span of 223 days From Lebron's 9 of 23 to Trumps Bday. 
Miami won 122-101=223.  

The Warriors Vs Cavs 1st game this year was on Christmas.  51 days after Lebron was 9 of 23.    But 2 months 23 days before 3/19. Also 85 days. 
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Cleveland Hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 
Donald Trump Said he was "Batman"=51 at the Iowa State Fair. 
Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama.  
More 51 stuff see my Judges Post(Julie Kocurek). 

2nd time the Warriors played Cavs was 8 weeks 5 days before 3/19. 

I've also seen on Facebook and Brother Berg's Post about Donald Trump being "Bif Tannen". 
Trump born on 6+14+19+46=85
Bif Tannen=85
He won all of his money gambling on his 21st bday. The 85th day of the year in 1958.  Back to the Future main year is 1985. 
Thomas Francis Wilson=85(actor who played bif)
Thomas Francis Wilson Jr=266
Eighty Five=62, 116  
Trump Assassinated=219  
219 all over the Warriors in my previous posts. 
Back to Back Championships=219
Donald Trump Assassinated=80
Donald Trump Assassinated Two thousand Sixteen=525, 156 
Trump Assassinated Two thousand Sixteen=133, 475
5/25 the 146th day this year. 
Thirty Three=156
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=133, 313 
Pope Francis became Pope on 13/3. 

I've mentioned how the story line is now on the Back to the Future III since 2015 is over.   Marty Mcfly arrives in 1885 on 9/2. I know it's not Bif but still interesting that Trump's bday is 80 days or also 2  months 19 days and 11 weeks 3 days before 9/2. 

The Miss Universe Pageant where Steve Harvey messed up was on 12/20/2015.  Which is also connected to Donald Trump who sold all his shares in 2015 after the drama of him talking bad about Mexicans. 
December Twentieth=80
There were 80 contestants
It was 80 days after Jimmy Carter's Bday and same day his grandson died. 
Steve Harvey=51
Much more to this as well. 

Trumps Bday 177 days or 5 months 25 days later. 
177th day is 6/26(non leap)
6/14/16 to 12/20/16 is 6 months 6 days too. 

In regards to 6/26 the day Gay Marriage was legalized. I can't help but remember the Miss USA pageant in Obama's 1st year as president.   
Remember Miss California lost because she said she didn't believe in Gay Marriage. Donald Trump supported her..
Notice 51 Entrants and 15 Placements. I know it's probably 51 and 15 every year, but still interesting that's how the pageant is set up. 
Also look it was 58th Miss USA and North Carolina won.  
North Carolina(Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Panthers, Prince Charles, Cavaliers , much more). 

Donald Trump Also was the guy who brought up Obama's Birth Certificate stuff too. 
Obama born on 8/4. 
Birth Certificate=84 

Trump also been in the News having Conflicts with Pope Francis. 
Pope Assassinated June Fourteenth=122
Pope Francis=122  

6/14 is also 93 days after Pope's 3rd anniversary. 
Remember 3/19 was 93 days after Pope Francis 79th bday. 

So Who knows.  June 14th seems to be a special day whether anything happens or not.  Also I feel like I'm missing something in regards to Easter. 
If Kobe Bryant starts all the games up to Easter. It will be his 1,189th start against the Wizards on Easter too.  Remember it was his 1,551st game ever played when they beat the Warriors on 3/6. 

Kobe Announces his retirement 3 months 27 days before 3/27 too, so it would be fitting. I guess we will see. 

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