Friday, March 11, 2016

Keith Emerson of Emerson Death 108 112

So literally just talked about the number 112 the last few days.  
We get this story on CNN about Keith Emerson dying. 

I love how he died yesterday but it wasn't reported until today. Today is the 3/11 the 71st day of the year. He dies age 71. 

CNN Says they even got Fame after their 1971 Album Tarkus. 

He was even born on 11/2.   1944.  44 also significant. 
I just talked about all of these 112 and 211 connections. 

CNN says that he was born on 11/1 though, so Wiki may be wrong. But I've talked about Wiki many times before and how it's run by masons and what not. So probably purposeful. Maybe it's because he was born in England and not the US so it could be a day off as well. 
Born  in "Todmorden"=108 
He dies the same day the Lakers and Cavs meet for the 108th time ever.  Cavs win 120-108.  Total score of 228. 
Two Hundred Twenty Eight=108

Can't help but think this death is connected to Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead.  Emerson was in a group called "The Nice" Lemmy was the roadie and gave Emerson a "Nazi dagger"=56

Lemmy died 2 months and 11 days before. 

Emerson also the 34th most important person to die this year according to CNN. 34 I've noticed a lot connected to the 9/19 and 9/23  so Emerson's death may pop up again connecting to future events. 

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