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9/23 Steph Curry Lebron James 113 Steve Kerr theme, NBA Sacrifices?

On 3/3 Warriors Vs Thunder game they gave us this stat about Curry.    So if he makes a 3 against the Lakers on 3/6 it will make it 131 straight games with a 3. 

So if Curry makes a 3 it will be 131 straight games exactly 131 days after the 2015-16' Season began. 

I was looking up Curry earlier and noticed some good stuff around him.  The last time the Warriors lost a Home game was to the Bulls on 1/27/15.  Curry was 9-23 shooting in that game. It was also the 1st time ever in his career he was 9-23 shooting. 

It was 239 days before 9/23/15. When Pope Francis visited the White House at 9:23am. Came to the US the day before on his 923rd day as Pope.  9/23  23/9  We are in the 239th Year of the United States. 

The next home game, also when the Streak began on 1/31 or 31/1  Curry also shot 9-23. He also scored 25 points. 

It was also 4 months 4 days before the NBA Finals began on 6/4. 

11 days later Curry again was 9-23 against the Twolves scoring 25 points. 

It was also 113 days before the NBA Finals. 

The first game Curry ever won as an NBA player was on 11/4/09.  They beat the Grizzlies with 113 points. 

The Warriors played the Cavs  2 times last season. The first time was on 1/9.  146 days before the Finals on 6/4. 
Mentioned this in the death of Aubrey McClendon
Oakland California=146

The 2nd time they played was on 2/26 or 26/2.  Notice the score was 99-110, so Warriors lost by 11.  Total score was 209.  Notice Cleveland had 99 points too. 9/23 leaves 99 days left in the year. 

It's also 209 days before 9/23.  
Lebron James=923(Jewish)
He was in the movie "Trainwreck"=122
Amy Schumer is 9 years old in the opening Scene, rest of the movie takes place 23 years later. 
Philadelphia had the Amtrak Train wreck on 5/12/15 at 9:23pm. 
Pope Francis=122
Golden State=122
Warriors originally from Philadelphia. 

The 2016 NBA Finals begin 113 days before 9/23 2016. 

The first time Lebron James was 9-23 was on 3/17/2006 against the Blazers. He even played 44 minutes. They won with 99 points. 

He was 9-23 for a 2nd time on 1/19/07. Played 44 minutes again and they lost with 99 points. 

The first 2 times were also exactly 44 weeks apart. 

The 3rd time he went 9-23 They lost to the Spurs in the Finals on 
6/12/07.  He played 42 minutes "Lebron James"=42,114

It was also 144 days after his 2nd time going 9-23. 
Forty Four=144
Also 4 months 24 days.   242. 

The 4th time he was 9-23 was against Boston in the Playoffs on 5/16/08. 

It was 11 months 4 days after the 3rd time. 
Lebron James=114. 

The 5th time he was 9-23 was against Miami on 1/25/10 Also the Season before he went to Miami. 

The first time Lebron played the Cavs as a Miami player was on 12/2/10.  Interesting 122. 

It was 311 days after his last 9-23 game against the Heat as a Cav. 

The 6th time Lebron went 9-23 was 11/4/2015. 
Lebron James=42,114, 923(Jewish)

It was 42 days after Pope Francis went to the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23. 

It was also 51 days before they played the Warriors for the 1st time this year. Also 1 months 21 days. 
Interesting because the City of Cleveland has not won a sports title in 51 years. 
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Lupercalia begins on 2/13 and is the 44th day of the year. 
This year the date numerology was 51.
Antonin Scalia=51  died that day. 
Oklahoma had a 5.1 earthquake on that day. 
Antonin=522 (Jewish)
Justice=522 (Jewish)
He was quail hunting the day before he died.  
Dick Cheney hunting accident was exactly 522 weeks before Scalia died. 

Former Cleveland Cavalier John "HotRod" Williams died on 12/11/15. He died 5 months 22 days before the NBA finals begin. 
So interesting the 522 and 51 are connected to the 44. 
Warriors in their 44th season. 
Just won 44th consecutive Home game.  
NBA Finals begin on 6+2+20+16=44. 
King James=44 
Much more I've mentioned previously. 
Since Scalia died on that day and also the death of HotRod it makes me wonder if that signifies death to the 51 or if that is a sacrifice for the 51 to win? 
Fifty One=46   

David Blatt also fired the same day Kerr came back for the 44th game.  Talked about the 122  but 1/22 is also the 22nd day of the year.  9/23/15 to 1/22 was a span of 121 days. 

It was also 79 days after Lebron went 9-23 shooting. 
22nd prime number is 79. 

There was also the death of OKC associate coach Monty Williams' wife on 2/10/16.   
22 days after Warriors beat Thunder for the 3rd time on 3/3. 
Thunder lost the night before blowing a 22 point lead. 
He's 44 years old, his wife was 44 years old. 
Tavares Montgomery Williams=113

His wife died 113 days before the NBA Playoffs begin. 

The NBA Finals also begin 113 days before 9/23/2016. 

Monty Williams also finished his career at Philadelphia as a 76er. 
He only played 21 regulars season games and 10 playoff games. So his last season playing he played 31 games. He was also 31 years old. 
His last regular season game was against the Bulls of course too. 

Cleveland was upset by Michael Jordan and Bulls in 1989. A famous play called "The Shot".  It was game 5 of 5 in the Eastern Conference First Round.  Cleveland had 57 regular season wins and then got knocked out by the Bulls on 5/7. 

Jordan scores 44 points and hits the shot over Craig Ehlo. 
Craig Ehlo=51
Fifty One=100

Moses Malone also died in 2015. Known mostly for being a Philadelphia 76er. 
Moses Malone=131

He finished his Career with the San Antonio Spurs. He only played 17 games that season and was done on 12/27/94.  Interesting because Michael Jordan returned to Basketball on 3/19/95 and played 17 regular season games. 
Moses also made a famous Buzzer Beater in his last game. 
It was also against the Charlotte Hornets who had Dell Curry(Steph Curry's Dad). Jordan currently owns the Hornets.
Steve Kerr the Warriors Head Coach also won 2 NBA titles with the Spurs. 
San Antonio=122
Golden State=122
Both chasing the Bulls record as of right now still. 
Kerr involved in all 3 of the teams. 

Kerr even played for the Cavs early in his career. His first game as a Cav was against the Bulls on 11/3  1989. 

Kerr's 1st season with the Spurs and 4th consecutive Championship as a player, he only played 44 games that regular season. 
His 1st game with the Spurs he was 33 years old 131 days. 

Chicago Bulls 44 game win Streak started after a loss to the Orlando Magic.   The Warriors have a chance to beat the Bulls record with 45 wins against the Orlando Magic. Interesting if they win it and win their 46th against Utah too. 
The Bulls 2nd 3 peat they beat the Sonics and then Utah twice. 
Utah Jazz=113
I know it's backwards but this year would be the Warriors 2nd in a row if they win. So maybe if they do go to Finals it won't be the Cavs. Maybe the Cavs just get knocked out on 5/1 or something like that?  or 5/10/2016 Just a thought.
5+1+20+16=42  It would make sense and should be possible as the playoffs start on 4/16. 
Interesting 5+3+20+16=44  with all the 53 connections I've shown to the Warriors as well. 
Regardless of the outcomes, it's some days to watch for in the Playoffs. 
If somehow Cavs don't make it, my guess would be Warriors vs Hawks.  If Warriors don't make it, my guess is OKC vs Cavs as of right now. I still think Warriors will win it all, especially if they beat the 72-10 record. 

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