Thursday, March 24, 2016

Russ Smith scores 65 points in NBA D-League Game Philadelphia/Spurs/Cavs

Russ Smith=146, 38
Yet again a 146...

He plays for the Delaware 87ers which are the D-League team for the Philadelphia 76ers.  

He scores a record setting 65 points tonight in a game. 

Notice he wears # 5 too. 
Five=42, 24     
He was 24 of 42 shooting. 
Also the team he scored 65 against was the Canton Charge.  The Canton Charge are the D-League team for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
They are just messing with us in this coding it seems.  I mean this guy adds to the same as "Oakland California"=146.  Then breaks the scoring record, yet his team still loses to the Cavs D-League team.   They lose by 11 the number I've been talking about being associated to the Warriors as well. 
Total Score 140+129=269   
Pope Francis went to Philadelphia on the 269th day last year. 
September Twenty Third=269
Two Hundred Sixty Nine=100, 271
Fifty one=100, 46     100+46=146=Russ Smith
Cavaliers surrounded by 51 stuff. So is the 146 stuff in regards to Pope/Obama/Donald Trump. 
One Hundred=108 though like Golden State Warriors=108

Makes me wonder now...Are Warriors going to Break the Record yet lose to the Cavs in the Finals?  

He's only played 27 games in the actual NBA.  The last 3 games he played in were against the Warriors. All losses to the Warriors. Notice the last NBA game he played he was 24 years 24 days old in the game on 5/13/15. 
He scored 65 points 27 days before his Bday. 
5/13/15 is 10 months 10 days before he scored his 65 points. 
Remember X=10(Roman Numerals)
X=24(Simple Gematria)
Superbowl Score was 24-10.  It all goes with the X theme I've noticed, how ridiculous lol. 

It's also 51 days before the last time Russ Smith played an NBA game. 

The previous record was 61 points in a game held by another Delaware 87er Jordan Mcrae who also set the Record against the Canton Charge. 

Mcrae was drafted to the Spurs and is currently playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 
He was first signed with the Cavs on 2/28/16 in the game against the Washington Wizards. The Cavs lost 113-99.  I've talked about this game before. Lebron didn't play. 
Lebron James Didn't play=219   
Back to Back Championships=219
NBA Season is 219 day to beginning of Finals. 
Trump Assassinated=219
Two Hundred Twelve=219 (Warriors total score tonight against Clippers was 212)
Much more 219 from previous posts....

Mcrae Scores 61 on 1/26  which is 1 months 26 days before his record is broken by Russ Smith.   Also 57 days. 
Fifty Seven=131
Russ Anton Smith=57
1/26 to 3/28 is 62 days. (Mcraes 25th bday)
Russ Smith also has only played 131 minutes in the actual NBA. So we will see if he gets signed to a team after this 65 point game in the D-League. 
It seems fitting for both Cavs and Warriors yet again. The Spurs do have coding like I said in my last post, but I keep seeing this same Back to Back coding.  Russell Westbrook wins back to back All Star game Mvp and Zach Lavine wins Back to Back Slam Dunk contests. I still think it's Warriors Vs Cavs in the finals, but I wouldn't be shocked if I was wrong and it was the Spurs who won it all. 

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