Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Belgium bombings info and Why I think Dikembe Mutombo was there/ Philadelphia

Yesterday we got the fake Belgium bombings on 3/22 or 22/3
Belgium Airport=166
My last 4 or 5 posts involved this number in it's connection to Donald Trump's Birthday and Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope on June 14th(166th day)

Wouldn't you know.  3/22 is 2 months 23 days before June 14th. 
Also 84 Days. 
Obama born on 8/4. 
Jesuit=84 (Francis the 1st Jesuit Pope)
Francis born on 12+17+19+36=84
The 84th prime number is 433.  The Gregorian Calendar came out 433 years ago on October 15th 1582. 
United States of America=84
Revolutionary War=84
George III=84
Pluto=84 (We got an Article about Pluto on 3/22 as well)
Many other interesting 84's. 
Eighty Four=62   

Barack Obama=68
Donald John Trump=68
The Manhattan Project=212
Seventy one Years=212, 68  (2016 will be the 71st anniversary of the End of WWII. )
Philadelphia Train Crash=212
6/2 leaves 212 days left. 
Lincoln born on 2/12. 
Prince Charles of Wales=212

Notice how the Deaths are 31 Victims and 3 Perpetrators? 
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=313
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. 
Three Hundred Thirteen=229, 112
112 the Emergency Dialing Code for Europe
Three one Three=146  (June 14th is 14/6)

Also 34 victims dead.   34th prime is 139
271 Injuries.   58th prime is 271. 
Freemasonry=58, 139
Seventeen Seventy Six=271

This article on 3/22 as well. 
Rivers and Lakes on Pluto=271

Also the attacks lasted 1 hour 11 minutes and stopped at 9:11.  Give me a break. 
1 hour 11 minutes also 71 minutes. 
One Hundred Eleven=171
English Civil War=171
World War Three=71
Federal Reserve=71
Le Bataclan=71
Superbowl Fifty=71
Superbowl in Levi's Stadium. Moses in the Tribe of Levi. 
The Ten Commandments=71
Superbowl 50 was 44 days before 3/22. 
Many many more 71's. 

Maelbeek Metro Station=223  like the date 22/3.


We also got the story of Dikembe Mutombo being in Belgium during the attacks. Now I know Mutombo played for other teams than the 76ers, but there's other info that connects to this year in regards to when he did play for the 76ers. 

Mutombo went to the 76ers after the All Star Break in 2001.  The 76ers then went on to the NBA Finals and lost to the Los Angeles Lakers.  
In Game 1 of the NBA Finals though, Mutombo's teammate Allen Iverson stepped over Tyronn Lue of the Lakers. 76ers won that game too. 

Tyronn Lue now the Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach after the firing of David Blatt on 1/22. Same day Steve Kerr came back. 
Tyron Lue=144

He was hired 8 weeks and 4 days before 3/22. 

I love how the Lakers lost with 101 points too and 76ers win with 107. 
The game on 6/6 even. Started at 6pm and Lakers lost by 6. 
One Hundred Thirty One=107  Yet Lakers still won. 

Mutombo also came to 76ers on 2/22 that year. 
14 weeks 6 days before the Finals. 
Larry Brown=146, 56
Allen Iverson=146, 56
The 76ers even won 56 regular season games that season because Larry Brown rested the Starters on the Final game. Which in turn made them lose Home Court advantage in the Finals to the Lakers. 
Iverson's whole life about 56. See my Iverson 6 part video on Youtube. 

The Warriors picked up Anderson Varejao on 2/22 this year. Makes me wonder. 

They picked up Varjaeo 101 days before the Finals.
Lincoln Shot with a Philadelphia Derringer. 
Tyronn Lue a Former Nebraska Cornhusker.  
Lincoln, Nebraska connection stuff I've mentioned all last year. 
They were also connected to the # 53 in regards to Dean Jones the Herbie Love Bug # 53 actor dying. Nebraska's Mascot is Herbie. 
Much more to this as well...Tommie Boy/Herbie Hancock/Jerry Sandusky all connected to this.   Tommie Boy even drops his American History book in the opening scene with the # 239 on it. 

Lue becomes head coach 4 months 11 days before Finals.
Lebron James=114
He shot 9 of 23 on 11/4. 
34 games later the Warriors beat the Cavs by 34 points. The game that was the reason Blatt was fired. 
34 People died in the Belgium attacks? 
Lebron also shot 9 of 19 the game before on 11/2.  
Pope Francis went to Cuba on 9/19.  Obama was in Cuba when the Belgium hoax happened.   
Lebron got his 9 of 19 against Philadelphia and the Cavs won 107-100. 
3/22 to 6/2 is 2 months 11 days. November 2nd 2/11 or 11/2. 
11/4 to 6/2 is 211 days. 

Notice How Blatt's 1st game this season was a Loss to the Bulls. 
Also Lue took over in a loss against the Bulls. 
Chicago Bulls=112.  
Also the Cavs Beat the Bulls on 2/18  which was 26 days after Lue became the Coach. It was their 53rd game.  Lue born on 5/3. 

The Cavs play the Bulls again on 4/9.   Which is 51 days after beating them on 2/18.  
51 the Big number with Cavs this year. See my previous posts. 

Mutombo also played in the Finals for the Nets 2 seasons later against the Spurs.  They lost to the Spurs. 
Steve Kerr was on the Spurs this year so it was his last Championship that he won and he retired after this season. 
Michael Jordan retired from the Wizards this year. 
His last game was on 4/16/03 against the 76ers. 
Also David Robinson of the Spurs retired. 
This was also the year Kobe set record for Most 3's in a game. A record Steph Curry just tied this year. 

Funny too this guy also died. An announcer for the Lakers. 
Dies age 85  on 8/5. 
Los angeles Lakers=58
Staples Center=58 

Moral of the Story it could all be signs for the Spurs to win the Championship. I've been stuck on the Warriors, but I've also mentioned it has a lot to do with Steve Kerr as he's won Championships with Spurs, Bulls, and Warriors. 
I still think if Warriors break the Bulls 72-10 record they will win the Finals. It doesn't seem logical they would lose after having such an amazing season, but who knows. 
I wouldn't doubt if Duncan would retire after winning a championship either, so it would be comparable to Robinson. 

A lot more to look into, so pry be making more posts later tonight. 

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