Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump protester tries to rush stage

Literally go and watch this video.  He's a terrible actor, and knew it was coming.  It's such a joke. 
Trump attacked in Vandalia Ohio

He said today about last night, the protests were "A planned attack" and "Professionally done"
A Planned Attack=42, 51, 123
Conspiracy=51, 123
Today is 3/12 or also 12/3. 
CNN reported it just as "Planned Attack"=122
122 a very special number to this year.  We are in the 239th year of the United States. 
5/2 the 122nd day.   52nd prime is 122
Pope Francis=122
Golden State=122 
Much more   122 is everywhere. 

Notice the story is about him canceling in Chicago. 
46 second video
I don't know if they are trying to foreshadow Obama's assassination or Trumps?  Interesting the whole point is he canceled Chicago where Obama is from politically. Lincoln the only other president out of Illinois. 

Yesterday was 146 days before Obama's 55th birthday. Been seeing this number referenced in his assassination foreshadowing. 
This year 5/25 is the 146th day.    Non Leap year  9/9 is the 252nd day.  
I've mentioned over and over the significance of 99 in regards to presidential assassinations. Lincoln even died 9 hour 9 minutes after being shot. 

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