Sunday, March 13, 2016

Don Henley:Eagles probably won't be performing again. Revelation, The End, Philadelpia Eagles. 1/18.

Eagles May Be Over=65, 155
One Hundred Fifty Five=108, 216

This article comes a week after Randy Meisner's wife dies on 3/6. 
In radio interview on CNN Henley mentions that the Grammy's was probably the last time the Eagles will ever play. 
Lana Ray Meisner=65, 155

So Meisner's wife dies on 3/6.  CNN gives us this article which mentions the Grammy's as their last show that was 3 weeks 6 days ago. 

Funny this article just now on CNN when Henley gave this interview on March 10th. 

So Glenn Frey dies age 67 on 1/18 which was also 67 days after the Paris Attacks where the Eagles of Death Metal were playing.  
Frey's death to this Henley interview is 1 months 21 days. 
This story is about basically the end of the Eagles.
Revelation=49, 67, 121   
How fitting for the Eagles to be over. 

Look at that...  All this Eagles talk started at the Paris Attacks.  
118 days later Henley says this in an interview
121 days later CNN reports it.   

Henley even born on 7/22.  The number connected to Pi.
Can also be 22/7.    227 the 49th prime. 

CNN puts this article out 4 months 9 days before his Bday. 
Interesting it's also 131 days. Today 3/13.  
Also today is Pope Francis' 3 year anniversary of being Pope. 

I've mentioned how a lot of the coding all seems to lead back to Philadelphia.  Philadelphia's NFL team is the Eagles. 

Look Eagles Hire new head coach Doug Pederson the same day Glenn Frey dies on 1/18. 
1/18 was a crazy day the more and more I research. 
Doug Pederson=143, 62
David Blatt was fired because the Cavs lost to the Warriors by 34 on 1/18.   He was fired after coaching 143 games, also born on 5/22 the 143rd day of the year in 2016. 

Doug Pederson also born on 1/31 or 31/1.   
Numbers I've been talking about over and over recently. 
He also replaced Chip Kelly who was hired as the 49ers coach.  49ers was where SB 50 was held. 
Pederson came from "KC"=11 3   who is head coached by Andy Reid. 
Andy Reid coached Philadelphia before Chip Kelly and went to Chiefs. Now Pederson leaves Chiefs to go to Philadelphia. 

Interesting last year we had the Death of famous Philadelphia Eagle Chuck Bednarik too.  He's also famous for knocking Frank Gifford out of football for 1 and a half years.  Frank Gifford also died last year. 
Charles Bednarik=67
Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1967. 

Much more to these stories, just wanted to point them out because it's connected to the Eagles story line we keep seeing. 

It all connects to Pope Francis as well and his visit to the United States. Remember he came to the US on his 923rd day as Pope, went to the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23.  
9/23 to Paris Attacks a span of 1 months 21 days. 

9/23 to Glenn Frey death on 1/18  is a span of 118 days. 

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