Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bryn Forbes Sinks 11 3 Pointers Michigan State vs Rutgers 3/2/16.

Bryn Forbes sinks 11  3 pointers.  I mean come on. I just talked about this over and over.  The 113  also the 11 and it's connections to the Warriors and 31. 
Look Spartans even won by 31 points lol. 

He's # 5.  The 5th prime number is 11.   
14.6 points per game.  Just mentioned the 146 in regards to Aubrey McClendon. 
Oakland California=146
Birthday Numerology
Freemasonry=139, 58
Big Ten Record=120
He finished the game today with 33 points. 

Also 143 days before his Bday. 
143=858 in English Gematria

Bryn Forbes=52, 124
The 124th day is 5/3 this year.  
Warriors lost their 53rd game to the Blazers. Then picked up Varejao on 2/22(53rd day) who was dropped by the Blazers. 
2/22 is 3 months 11 days before Finals Begin on 6/2. Interesting today 3/2 is the the 62nd day of the year.  Varejao wears # 18 picked up 18 days before 3/11 when the Blazers and Warriors play again. 

Look at some of the things we get in the article about this game as well.  5 on 0 with 5:55 left. Then  # 5 makes 11 Threes. 

Michigan State tied a school record hitting 17 threes against Rutgers on 1/31. Now they give Rutgers their 17th conference loss 31 days later. 
Remember last year when Denzel Valentine made the game winner on Valentines Day? 
The Thunder even blew away a 17 point lead against the Clippers tonight to lose 103-98.   

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