Monday, March 21, 2016

Obama Arrives in Cuba 116 322

So Obama arrived in Cuba yesterday on March 20th 2016.  
Look at the time CNN reports him getting off the plane.  
7:14am ET  and Also 4:14amPT. 

I just made a post on March 16th about the death of Judges, Merrick Garland Nomination and how it connects to Obama being assassinated.   It was super connected to 116. 
If you do the time as a date 7/14  Obama arrived in Cuba 116 days before. What a coincidence? 
Also 4:14  would be April 14th.   4/14 or 14/4.  
144 around political assassinations. 
I also made video's a while back about how every president assassinated was connected to Skull and Bones. 
Skull and Bones=41.   Lincoln shot on 4/14.   Much more. 
March Twentieth Two Thousand Sixteen=144
Obama Assassinated in Cuba March Twenty Second=144
Now this doesn't mean it will happen, I've seen this thing happen many times and not happen. But super interesting how it all comes together, and I believe it may be code for upcoming events. 

This article even shows Obama tweeted the plane touched down at 3:22.  
The Skull and Bones number is 322. Obama doesn't leave Cuba until March 22 or 3/22. 
July Fourteenth Two Thousand Sixteen=141  
Julie Kocurek=141, 51  was the when I started mentioning the Judge stuff back in November. She was shot outside her home on 11/6 2015.  Also 132 days before Obama Nominates Garland to replace "Antonin Scalia"=132, 51   
Notice the video CNN gives us is 1:32 long as well. 
Que Bola Cuba=51
Remember Donald Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama too. 

4/14 to 7/14 also a span of 91 days.  I've said since August 91 is a death elimination number. It's also connected to the 41 and the Skull and Bones.  Normally 4/1 is the 91st day of the year even. 
The Pope Went to Cuba on "September Nineteenth"=91  9/19. 
Same day James Garfield was assassinated in 1881 after being shot at the Train Station on 7/2.   
The Philadelphia train wreck last year has been a major connection to all of these events of the past year, so makes ya wonder....

714  Seven Hundred Fourteen=99
I have multiple posts on Obama and 99.  Lincoln shot on 14/4 and died 9 hour 9 minutes later.   Obama sang Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckey's funeral 9 days after 9 people were shot.  It's also 9 months 9 days from 4/4/16.   Forty Four=144  April Fourth=144. 
The first president to die in office was the 9th president.  Obama will be the 9th president to die in office. Also 9 presidents after JFK the last to die in office. Also JFK the 44th term president. 
Obama the 44th president, but the 43rd person to be president. 

I've mentioned a lot about the 44 in regards to death, but one thing I used to mention about it was it's connection to Satan as well. 
Mark Twain was a big part of this nation's history and also has connections to San Francisco. They even had the Documentary about his called "88 days in the mother lode" about him living off grid gold mining and what not.   
Anyway in his last novel The Mysterious Stranger the character named 44 is actually Satan. 
Mysterious Stranger=266   9/23 the 266th day  when Pope Francis the 266th Pope visited the White House of the 44th president. 
Mark Twain=110
Samuel Clemens=142, 43
President Obama=142  he is the 43rd person to be president. 
Twain died age 74.  
Twain even died 142 days after his 74th bday. 
Also 223 days before his 75th.  

Even Today we get the headline  
"Obama:Embargo on Cuba will End"=88
Remember Obama is the 1st acting president in 88 years to go to Cuba. 
John Calvin Coolidge=88  the last. 

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