Monday, February 29, 2016

Olivia Munn Robots Take Over August 27th, Draymond Green is not a Robot March 11th Foreshadowing?

Olivia Munn says the Robot takeover will be August 27th. Doesn't say what year, but August 27th is a interesting day to say the least. 
August 27th is the 239th day of the year(240th Leap Year)
The Oscars were on 2/28/16. 
We are in the 239th year of the United States beginning on 7/4/2015. 

The Oscars were on the 239th day in the 239th year of the United States Existence. Interesting too it was the 88th Oscars. 
3/29 is the 88th day of the year, (89th in 2016). 

In 2016 starting on July 4th we will be in the 240th year of the United States. August 27th 2016 is the 240th day of the year.  
Two Hundred Forty=216   6X6X6=216  
August 4th Obama's Bday is normally the 216th day of  the year, but this year it's August 3rd. 

August 27th 2016 will also be Obama's 7th year 7th Month and 7th day as president. 

Weird Munn says this the day after Draymond Green was reportedly using Profanity in the Locker room saying "I am not a Robot". 
I am not a Robot=143, 53
Draymond Green, 143, 71 
Warriors got their 53rd win. 
2/27 was the 58th day of the year. The Warriors were playing their 58th game of the season,   
Interesting I've been mentioning the 143's a lot and their connection to 58, 85 with earthquakes.  In English Gematria you take the Simple English and multiply it by 6. 

August 27th 2016
Draymond Green=71
2/27 to 5/8 is 71 days. 
2/27 to 8/4 Obama's Bday is 5 months 8 days. 
2/28(Oscars) to 8/5 is 5 months 8 days. 
Lisa Olivia Munn=171
The 71st day of the year in 2016 is 3/11.  
Remember a lot of 311 connections in the Paris Attacks. 
It was 311 days after Charlie Hebdo and many more connections to 113 and 311. 
We've had a lot of KKK stories in the news lately. 
Donald Trump and the KKK
The Stabbing at the KKK Rally in California. 
K=11   3X11   11 11 11      311.  

The Paris Attacks on 11/13
11/13/15 to 2/28 is 107 days. 
Remember when Hulk Hogan Had his ribs Broke By Earthquake? 
Earthquake's Real name "John Tenta"=107 
Hulk Hogan got his revenge at Summer Slam 1990. It was on August 27th. Also at The Spectrum in Philadelphia. 
Also Wrestling sticks out because last year at Wrestlemania 31 which was held at Levi's Stadium in San Francisco Bay Area. (Draymond Green, Warriors)
The Ten Commandments=71  
He was in the Tribe of Levi
Superbowl Fifty=71  Golden Superbowl=71
World War Three=71
Remember at Wrestlemania 31 they brought back the New World Order and D-Generation X. (X theme) . 
Anyway at Wrestlemania 31  they did a whole Terminator Skit and also showed the Scene from the new movie with the Destruction on the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Just interesting people mentioned that Olivia Munn got the day wrong because Judgement Day in Terminator is August 29th not 27th.  Arnold Swarzanegger the governor of California. 

Edward Furlong plays John Connor in Terminator 2. He's also the kid who dies in the big Racial Movie "American History X". 
T2=202   American History X=202, 85 

American History X even named the 311th greatest of all time by Empire. 
Edward Walter Furlong=227 
Interesting too he was born on 8/2. Which is the actual day the Declaration of Independence was signed not 7/4. 
John Connor=126   8/27 (126 days left in year) 

Terminator 2 even released on 7/1. 
Terminator Two: Judgement Day=113 

Skynet activated on Obama's 36th Bday. 

Back to the Future Day was 10/21/15.  
10/21 there are 71 days remaining in the year. 
10/21/15 to 8/27/16 is 311 days. 

Wish I would've actually watched this when my daughter watched it now lol.  It came out on 3/11. 
Also can't help but think of I Robot starring Will Smith the "Fresh Prince". I Robot also connects to Asimov who the Robin Williams movie Bicentennial Man is also connected to. 
A Civil War between Robots. So much coding. Gonna have to rewatch some of these movies and wait and see how much more they code this robot theme. 
August 27th seems too obvious, but I'd say March 11th is a day to look out for. It's even the day the Warriors Play the Trailblazers again that I mentioned in a previous post. Most likely Warriors lost big that day to foreshadow 3/11 the next time they play. 

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