Saturday, March 12, 2016

Eagles Randy Meisner's wife death/ Eagles of Death Metal

So Glenn Frey dies on 1/18/16.  A member of the Band the Eagles. 
He dies age 67. 

He dies 67 days(End date included) after The Eagles of Death Metal concert was terrorized in the Paris France Attack. 

The other day we got this story about another Eagles founding member. His wife died on 3/6 by an accidental shooting supposedly. 

Wouldn't you know, it's 1 months 18 days(End date) after Glenn Frey dies on 1/18. 
Also interesting it's 49 days. 

Lana Ray Meisner=155, 65
One Hundred Fifty Five=108, 216   
This number I keep seeing, didn't realize why until now. It's connected to 2 important numbers.  The 108 has been in a lot of recent events, even "Golden State Warriors"=108  Warriors=49 like Eagles. 
108+108=216   6X6X6=216. 
Philadelphia=65   The Warriors used to be from Philadelphia. 

Randy Meisner=64, 145
Barack Hussein Obama=64  Along with all the other Civil Rights stuff I've mentioned with 64.
Chicago Illinois=145    (Where Obama's from)

Randy Meisner even in the band "Poco" before joining Eagles.
Forty Nine=54, 126  
Obama is 54.  
Meisner even born on 3/8 1946.  So Wife dies 2 days before his bday. 
Meisner=38, 83  
Death=118 (Jewish)

Now today CNN Tells us about lead singer of the Eagles of Death Metal apologizing for his comments about the security guards on 11/13 being part of the terrorism. 

Doesn't it seem interesting he would do this on 3/11.  The Paris Attacks were on 11/13  a similar number. They were also coded to 311 and 113.  It was even 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.  Also notice the 143 retweets. This number has been everywhere. Glenn Frey died same day Cavaliers lost to Warriors by 34. The reason David Blatt was fired on 1/22 after 143 games coached. His bday on 5/22 the 143rd day of the year. 143 in English Gematria is the same as 58 simple.  
Jesse Hughes=126, 54
Forty Nine=126, 54
They call him "Boots Electric"
Boots Electric=56, 146   
Paris France=56
The 146 connected to Obama and also Golden State Warriors. It's amazing how these other events are coded to sports. 

Eagles of Death Metal had just released an Album on October 2nd too. 
Zipper Down=146, 65

Glenn Frey dies 108 days later. 

Zipper down even available to stream on 9/23.  

9/23 to 1/18  a span of 118 days. 

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  1. That 49 connection withe the EODM reminded me of the 49ers blackout superbowl at 13:22 which appeared on the screen of the security video at the paris france "shooting".They said it was a 22 minute blackout and this article showed some other relevant #'s too...