Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Aubrey McClendon dies the day after OKC beat Kings with 131 points on 3/1

 Part owner of the OKC Thunder dies 1 day after being indicted. 
I've been showing a lot of connections as to why I think Warriors will be in and win the Finals this year, but this one makes me think a bit. 
I had said that maybe I am missing something. The Bulls played the Cavaliers to open the 2015-16 NBA season this year. I wonder if the Cavs are actually coded up to the 1995-96 Bulls as well and I just haven't figured it out yet.  Just as the Panthers and Broncos and other playoff teams coded to the 1985 Bears.   
The 96' Bulls beat the Seattle Supersonics in the NBA Finals.
The OKC Thunder used to the Seattle Supersonics, so it could make sense if they met in the Finals and the Cavs are coded to the Bulls. 

What sticks out about this guy dying today is that the Thunder beat the Kings last night(same day McClendon was indicted) with a score of 131. 

I also mentioned how the Cavs fired David Blatt because of the blowout loss to the Warriors. Then the Warriors beat the Bulls the next game. The game after the Cavs fired Blatt the Cavs lost to the Bulls. 

Aubrey McClendon died age 56.  They even gave us this piece in the article about him being the only person singled out in 110 years. 
56 and 110 seem to go together a lot. 
Osama Bin Laden=56, 110
Rockefeller=56, 110
Adolf Hitler=56, 110
Paris France=56, 110  
Many more times I've notice these together. 
56 has been a big number within the last year as well, and mostly associated with Death or Bad things. 

Another interesting thing in regards to OKC Thunder is the 5.1 Earthquake that happened in Oklahoma on the 44th day of the Year Lupercalia.   2+13+20+16=51    
Cleveland the City hasn't won a Championship since 1964 which is 51 years ago. "Cleveland"=51  
Antonin Scalia=51 died on 2/13/16 as well. 
The Biggest ever OK earthquake was a 5.6 too. 
I've talked a lot about 31 and 11 with the Warriors but 
"Oklahoma"=31    5/6 is the 127th day.  31st prime is 127. 

The day McClendon indicted was 3/1 and it's 3 months 1 day before the NBA Finals Begin. It's also 46 days before the Playoffs begin on 4/16.   Chicago=46. 

They also showed this in the majority of the video about McClendon.   14-6. 
A lot of this coding I've shown a few post back as well. We got a bunch of stories with 146 coded into them on Lupercalia.
Power Outage=146
Broncos Vs Panthers Superbowl Fifty=146
Oakland California=146 
One Four Six=146
Malik El Shabazz=146 (Malcolm X)
Obama to visit Cuba 146 days after the NBA season Begins on 10/27/15, same day World Series Began. 
Monte Williams wife died in a car Crash as well age 44 on 2/11 or 11/2.  It's 112 days before 6/2(NBA Finals). 

I still think Warriors seem to be more Coded, but something to keep an eye on as the season goes on. I'm also curious as to how the Game Goes tonight against the Clippers as well and what happens tomorrow against Golden State.  If Thunder win tonight they will be going into the Warriors game tomorrow with 43 wins trying to stop the Warriors 43 home game win streak. So they would get their 44th win stopping a 44 home game win streak for the Warriors. 

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