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Lakers upset Warriors Nancy Reagan Death Youtube Agents telling me the Future events. 9/23 9/19 September 23rd, 19th, 262. Much more.

So Los Angeles Lakers Upset the Golden State Warriors on 3/6/16. 
There was a whole lot of tributes to Kobe Bryant in this game by the numbers and also it ties together with a lot of other events. 

Although the game was on 3/6  I knew there would be 34/43 coded into this game. Kobe Bryant has been a number of importance around Kobe throughout his career. 
He Tore his achilles age 34 against the Warriors on 4/12/13. 
He also scored 34 points that game and got the Lakers their 43rd win that season. Remember he tore his achilles then still went out and made 2 free throws making the scored 109-109.  Los Angeles=109
Kobe made his comeback 34 weeks later on 12/8/13. 
Then he went completely out for the 2014 season on 3/12/14. 
Kobe's 81 point game came 43 years after Wilt's 100 point game. 
In that game he scored his 80th and 81st point at the free throw line with 43.4 seconds left in the 4th. 
He was the youngest player ever to score 30,000 points age 34. 
Much more, but let's move on a bit. 

So Warriors lost their 61st game of the season. 
Thirty Four=61
Warriors won 3 of the 4 games against the Lakers this year. 

Warriors won the first time they played on 11/24/15 by 34 points. 
Interesting too Lakers scored 77 points. If Warriors would've won out season they would've had 77 wins.   
Steph Curry was 7th pick in draft. This is his 7th season. 
Warriors had a 7 game win streak until Lakers beat them. 
I'll get more into it later, with the Nancy Reagan death, but 
7/7(July 7th) is the 188th day with 177 remaining. 
6/26(June 26th) is the 177th day with 188 remaining. 

Right off in this game Kobe scores the Lakers 4th point making it 3 to 4. 

Then they show Byron Scott's record coaching the Lakers. 33-112. 
So Byron Scott even got his 34th win coaching the Lakers. Remember Lakers won with 112 points too. Also It was his 146th game coaching the Lakers. 
Oakland California=146 (Where Warriors play)
Byron Scott=43

End of First Quarter Score Totals 43.  22-21. 

They even show us a stat when D'Angelo Russell is 3/4 on 3 pointers. I only Mention this because Russell hit a 3 pointer to give the Lakers 33 points. 

Then they show this stat that he is the highest Laker Draft pick since James Worthy in 1982.  They were drafted 33 years apart. 
On the picture above this too. Russell hit his 3rd 3 of the game giving the Lakers 39 points. Remember on 3/1 Russell scored 39 points against the Brooklyn Nets? 
D'Angelo Russell=56 (A big number this year and significant events)
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Staples Center=58(where the game was)
Brooklyn=112(interesting because Lakers scored 112 on Warriors)
Russell a perfect fit for the Lakers. 
Russell even said, "Ice in my Veins"=66 after making his 8th Three. 
Look at the score above too. When Russell scored the 39th point it was 39-31.  He scored 39 points on 3/1. 

Kobe then gets the Lakers 43rd point making the score 43-34. 
In the beginning of the game the announcers also say that Kobe has missed 13 games this season and 3 of the last 4. 

Shaq even wore # 34 for the Lakers. No wonder why Kobe and Shaq couldn't play together anymore. 
Shaquille Oneal=61
Thirty Four=61

Wouldn't you know the game was on Shaq's 44th birthday. 
Remember the Warriors surrounded by 44 this year. 
In their 44th season at Golden State
Steve Kerr returned on their 44th game on 1/22 when the Warriors won with 122 points.  (So he missed 43 games)
Golden State=122  
1/22 to 3/6 also is a span of 44 days. 
So literally Warriors lost 44 days after their 44th game. 
Warriors just coming off their 44th Consecutive Home game win tying the Chicago Bulls record. 
Warriors were chasing the Lakers 33 game win streak in the beginning of this season. The record was set 44 years ago when "Jerry West"=44 and Wore # 44 was on the team. 

This is a random pic, but the Warriors were stuck on 44 points for a very long time in this game. It was really obvious. The Warriors finally call a timeout when the score was 56-44. Go figure they were going for their 56th win.  Kill=44. 

Remember in the previous Warriors game on my Youtube video I talked about how Shaq messed up calling Shaun Livingston, Randy Livingston?  
Shaun Livingston wears # 34 for Warriors. 
Randy=26, 62   A Major theme lately which I'll get into eventually in this post. 

Halftime score of 49-60. 
Los Angeles=109
Also 1960 was 56 years ago. 
I was almost positive Warriors were going to lose after this halftime score.  They were down by 11. Remember How I've said over and over that 11 is a winning number. Lakers were up 11. 

This was the 3rd time the Warriors have been down by 11 at half. 
Also with the loss the Warriors are now 3-4 when they are down by double digits this season. 
Warriors lost 1st game of the Season to the Bucks on 12/12.
They were down by 11 at half.

Exactly 11 weeks later they were down by 11 to OKC on 2/27. I think this is why they won too even though being down 11. There's some type of pattern using the numbers in good and bad I haven't completely figured out yet. There were also other 11 tributes in the this game to the Warriors unlike the Lakers game. 

Lakers even still up by 11 after 3rd quarter.

Brandon Bass fouled with exactly 11:00 in the 4th quarter the Warriors still down 11.  Then he makes the first free throw and they show he has 11 points.  He misses the 2nd free throw too to keep 11 points. 
Brandon Bass=109
Los Angeles=109
Just pointing out Brandon Bass was the 33rd pick in the draft as well. Drafted to the Hornets when they played in OKC because of Hurricane Katrina. 

11 weeks was also 77 days. Just sticks out because the Lakers lost by 34 to the Warriors the first time they played and Lakers only scored 77 points.  Plus they stopped the Warriors from being able to finish with 77 wins this season and snapped a 7 game win streak. 
Seventy Seven=49, 175
Los Angeles Lakers=175

Warriors first loss to 3/6 is 12 weeks 1 day. 
Warriors=121  Also  2 months 23 days. 
Oklahoma City Thunder=223, 88
Also 85 and 58 all over this year.  
The reason I put this in here is because it's connected to the 2/27. 
Warriors beat OKC on 2/27. Then next time they played the scored totaled 227.  
49th prime is 227. 

3/6 to NBA Finals is 2 months 27 days. Also 88 days. 
Some other interesting things to point out.  The Warriors first lost was on 12/12/16.   
December Twelfth Two Thousand Sixteen=144
Forty Four=144

They also give us this stat. Just Sticks out because it's a 131 on the screen. Also right after this Happens Kobe loses his shoe again allowing Warriors to get an easy 51st point. "Kobe loses shoe"=51
Curry got 131 consecutive games with a 3 in this game too. 
Kobe also lost his shoe 2 times in this game. 
Lost Shoe=113  Kobe Bryant=113 Michael Jordan=113
Curry wears # 30 113 is 30th prime number. 
In this game they even say Curry averages 11 shots from 3 point range a game. 
The Lakers vs Warriors first game this year was on 11/24/15
11/24/15 to 3/6/16 is 3 months 11 days. 
Kobe Loses Shoe=51
Lakers got their 13th win kept the 51 losses. 
Might as well point out right here too that 3/6 was Kobe's 1331st regular season game ever.  He's been in 220 playoff games, literally his 1551st game too.   They won and their record is 13-51.  
They love the mirrored numbers. 
Also the announcers said in the beginning of the game that Kobe has started 1,183 games in his career. So we'll see what happens on his 1,189th start to match the chapters in the King James Bible. 

Once again we get a 34 Stat. Right after this the announcers say both teams with 7 turnovers(77) and combined for 11 points right as #11 Klay Thompson makes the 57th point. 

Then Jordan Clarkson=56 makes his 3rd 3 of the game. Announcers say he's 3 for 3 on the 3 ball.
Remember Kobe Bryant is from Philadelphia. 
Philadelphia turned 333 years old on 10/27/15 the day the NBA season began.  Kobe announced his retirement 33 days later on the 333rd day of the year.(11/29/15). 
Notice Lakers had 65 points before Clarkson hits the 3 as well. 

Kobe announced his retirement 3 months 6 days before 3/6. 
Remember Warriors were 55-5 going into this game. 
Airball=55 (Kobe announced after an airball). 
Jeff Gordon=55  finished his last ever race 1 week before.
Jeff Gordon drove car # 24   Kobe wears # 24. 
Lakers won on 3/6 by 17 points. 
Seventeen=55, 109
Los Angeles=55, 109
Kobe tore his achilles against GS in his 17th season. 
There were obvious 24 tributes in this game as well. 

# 34 Livingston is at the line and makes the score 24-24 and then Kobe comes back into the game. 

So Kobe # 24 comes in when it's 24-24 with 10:10 on the clock. 
Remember it's all about the X theme.   X=10(Roman Numeral)
X=24 (24th letter)  
Kobe even wore # 10 in the Olympics. 
Also remember the Warriors started off this year 24-0 before losing to Milwaukee on 12/12.  12+12=24. 

The announcers even mention Kobe played 24 minutes in the game when the Score was 81-99. 
So Warriors down by 18 with 81 points.   
They even say right after that the Warriors have 18 turnovers. 
In Kobe's 81 point game the Lakers were down by 18 and came back and won by 18. The game was on 1/22 and the Lakers scored 122 points.  Golden State=122
Kobe also missed 18 shots and was 18-20 on Free Throws in that game. 
Warriors also picked up Varejao on 2/22 after Portland dropped him. It was 3 days after the Warriors lost to Portland. Varejao is wearing # 18 and Warriors play Portland again on 3/11, 18 days after picking up Varejao. 

When the game is almost over they give us this stat. Weird they show 25 minutes, but even if you go to ESPN it says 24 like the announcers said.  Anyway Kobe is 4-14.  
The announcers tell us about Kobe's Farewell Tour ending on April 14th  or 4/14. They have 18 games left. 
3/6 to 4/16(Nba Playoffs) is 41 days. 
Kobe Bryant=41
Dear Basketball=41 (His retirement poem)
6th prime is 13
13th prime is 41. 
Warriors got 6th loss Lakers got 13th win. (Funny Cause Warriors next game against Orlando was all about 13)
Last time Lakers and Warriors played was on 1/14/16. 
1/14 to 2/27 is 44 days or 1 month 13 days. 
2/27 to 6/2 is 3 months 6 days.
3/6 to 6/2 is 2 months 27 days    
So 2/27 and 6/3 are mirrors of each other to 6/2. (NBA Finals)
227 the 49th prime too.

April 14th also sticks out because Abe Lincoln was shot on 4/14 and died 9 hour 9 minutes later at 7:22. (see 227 previous stuff)
April 14th is also 14/4. (see below)
Lincoln surrounded by 34/43.  
Born on 43rd day of the year.
Became president on 3/4.
Died 4 years 3 days after the Civil War Began. 
Kansas was the 34th and last state to join the union before the Civil War.  Joined on 12/29/1861   34 days before Lincoln became president. 
The 20th amendment changed a president from starting on 3/4 to 1/20.   1/20 to 3/4 is 43 days. 
The first president to start his presidency on 1/20 was the 34th president Eisenhower who was the 43rd term president.
20th amendment was to lower the "Lame Duck"=34
Civil War=43
Obama's in his lame duck period and the 43rd person to be president. 
Jeff Gordon announced his retirement on 1/22/15.  Born on 8/4. 

After Kobe tore his achilles he returned next season against Toronto the team he got his 81 against. The Lakers lost even giving them a record of 10-10. Which means they were even 10-9 before that. 
Also on 3/6  Peyton Manning announced his retirement.  
Peyton was #18  retired after 18 seasons.  Remember the 1st play of SB 50 was # 18 to # 81 for 18 yards.
Twenty Four=167   Peyton Manning=167
39th prime is 167  Manning 39 years old.  
3/6 to 4/14 is 39 days. (So Kobe has 39 days left)

Also want to point out Superbowl 24 the Broncos lost 55 to 10. 
Superbowl 50 the score was 24-10.
Never thought about it until now but 24+10=34. 
I talked about the X theme in regards to Beyonce, Black Panthers, Malcolm X.
Little=24 (Malcolm X's last name) 

X in English gematria is 144 
The number connected to 44 and political assassinations. 
Think about Nancy Reagan dying on 3/6 in Los Angeles as well.

So Nancy Reagan dies the same day. 
Nancy Reagan=49
Staples Center=49
She died age 94 (Mirror of 49)
Fortieth President=94 (Reagan the 40th prez)
Ronald's last public appearance was in 1994 at Nixon's funeral. 
Ronald Divorced his 1st wife in 1949. 
She died on 9/10/2010    10/9 Los Angeles=109
She died 5 years 5 months 25 days before Nancy Reagan.
25 is even 5X5  
Five=24  and 5th prime is 11.
After Ronald's assassination attempt Nancy Reagan got a lot of flack for hiring an "Astrologer"=49 to make Ronald's schedule. 
Anne Frances Robbins=179 (Nancy's real name)
Fifty Five and Six=179 

Anyway Nancy's death made me think of what I have been talking about for a while now. The Death of Queen Elizabeth II. Both significant powerful women.
Queen Elizabeth II became Queen on 2/6/1952.
This was also Ronald Reagans 41st birthday. 
Nancy and Ronald got married on 3/4 1952 and were married 52 years until he died. 
2/6/52 to 3/4/52 is 27 days or also 3 weeks 6 days. 
Nancy Reagan=103
Peyton Williams Manning=103 (retired same day)
27th prime is 103
2/6/16 to 3/6/16 is 29 days. 
29th prime is 109. 
First Lady of the United States=109
Los Angeles=109
Ronald died 17 weeks after his bday. 
Seventeen=109  (Lakers won by 17)

Nancy died 122 days before her 95th bday. Also 17 weeks before. Also it's 33.33 percent of 2016? 
Golden State=122
Steve Kerr came back on 1/22
Kobe scores 81 on 1/22
52nd prime is 239  we are in the 239th year of the US.
5/2 is the 122nd day (non leap year)
52nd day of the year is 2/21 (mirror of 122)
Princess Charlotte was born on 5/2/2015. 
Michael Jordan owns Charlotte Hornets. 
Jordan retired after wearing # 23 for 9 seasons. 
Jordan wore # 9 on Dream team and in Space Jam they even show the 9 and 23 together on the wall.
2016 will be 23 years after he retired. 
Twenty Three=55
Space Jam=23
Space Jam has been a major theme as well. It came out after the 1995-96 Bulls Won the Finals. Space Jam came out 11/15/96. 

Space Jam came out 112 days before 3/6. 
Michael Jordan scored 44 points in the Space Jam game. 
So anyway  Lakers won with a score of 112 against Warriors.
It made Byron Scott's record 34-112. 
Queen Elizabeth II born on 4/21 (112th day this year)
3/6 is the 66th day.   66+66=112. 
4/21 to 6/2 is 1 months 12 days. 
Queen Elizabeth's coronation was also on 6/2/1953 so 62 years ago, but will be her 63rd anniversary of her coronation the same day the NBA Finals begin. 
Warriors won the next game to beat the Chicago Bulls streak of 44 Consecutive Home games against Orlando Magic"=112
They did it on "March Seventh"=55. 
112 is also the emergency dialing code for other parts of the world. We use 911 they use 112. 
Lakers kept their 51 losses. Remember the Warriors last loss was to the Blazers when "Damian Lillard"=112 scored 51. 
Chicago Bulls=112, 49
Andre Iguodala=112  (He didn't play in the Lakers game)
Joe Paterno got his 112 wins back, he died on 1/22.

The first president to die in office was William Henry Harrison the 9th president. His relative was the 23rd president  Benjamin Harrison.  Benjamin Harrison died exactly 112 years before Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13.  
Interesting to point out too that Benjamin was the guy who served between Grover Cleveland's non consecutive terms.  22nd and 24th.  Grover's real first name is Stephen too. 

Two hundred thirty nine=112
Sandy Hook=112
Fidel Castro=112
Jordan told Klay Thompson "Go ahead and Break the Record"=112
"Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman"=112 (Kanye Nike diss)
Lots of this 112 coding I could list all connected to what I have been talking about. 
Nancy Davis=112 (Nancy Reagan's actor alias)

So on 3/5 I made a video on Youtube Agents and how they always comment on my old videos when I put out a something pretty significant in the coding. The video I talked about how they were on my Kerrie Orozco video and also my Kanye West/Slipknot Video. I talked about both of these video's involving the 26/62 stuff and also the date or number of 9/19  or 919...  This has happened to me before and I said that I think they are showing me that 6/26 is going to be a big day. Of course we got Gay Marriage legalized and also Obama sang Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's funeral. 9 days after 9 people were killed. The first president to die in office the 9th president, Obama would be the 9th president to die in office, 9 presidents after the last JFK. (Much much more, see my previous posts and videos.)
Anyway this is exactly what I believe was going on with my newest comments. They were letting me know the significance of 9/19 and 62 26 again. 9/19 is when Pope Francis visited Cuba right before coming to the United States on his 923rd day as Pope visiting the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23. 
3/6 to 6/26 is 112 days. 
The Warriors beat the Lakers the last 3 times by 34+21+18=63
Interesting too Reagans first wife died on 9/10 (with 112 days left in the year)

I don't usually use English or Jewish Gematria, but I found it interesting that Nancy Reagan was 618 in both of them. I have rarely ever seen this happen, so I figured it was significant. 

September 19th the 262nd day with 103 left.  Nancy Reagan=103 too. 

6/18/15 to 3/6/16 is a span of 262 days.

Six Hundred Eighteen=919 (Jewish) 199(Simple)
September 19th is 9/19 or 19/9. 
September nineteenth=91  
6/18/1633  Charles I became the King of Scotland.  If Elizabeth dies Prince Charles will become King Charles III. 

Prince Charles turned 67 113 days before 3/6. 

James Garfield was shot at a train station and died on 9/19/1881. 
Been mentioning this for a while the number 91 with death and also the Philadelphia Trainwreck on 5/12/15 that happened at 9:23pm and how it's connected to Pope Francis=122 Trainwreck=122
Just makes me continue to think the foreshadowing of Obama's assassination. 

3/6 to 5/12 is 2 months 6 days. 
Queen=26, 62. 
3/6/16 also the 66th day of the year. (2 Sixes)

3/6/16 is also 9 months 23 days after the Philadelphia Trainwreck. 
I have previously talked about Curry shooting 9 of 23 for the 1st time ever against the Bulls on 1/27/15. It was the last time the Warriors lost a Home Game. He also shot 9 of 23 the next Home game when the streak began. Go back and watch or read my previous posts on this to make more sense. Lebron also connected to the 9 of 23 and Lebron James=923(Jewish) also in movie Trainwreck where Amy Schumer was 9 at the beginning scene and rest of the movie takes place 23 years later. 

Anyway I looked up Klay Thompson as well. 
The first time he ever shot 9 of 23 was against the Bulls as well on 12/6/14. 
The Warriors won with 112 points. 
112+102=214  Remember Warriors won finals 122 days after 2/14. 
Thompson also shot 9 of 23 on 3/1/15.  
12/6 to 3/1/15  is 1 months 21 days. 

12/6 was also 34 days before the Warriors played the Cavs last season. It was also the Warriors 34th game of the season. Look they beat the Cavs with 112 points. The won by 18 giving the Cavs their 18th loss of the season.  Warriors got their 29th win. 

Also Kyrie Irving was 9 of 23 in the game on 1/9 vs the Warriors. Lebron didn't play this game either. 
Lebron James didn't Play=219
Back to Back Championships=219 (Mentioned a lot of 219 previously)
12/6 game was to 1/9 game was 15 games later.  
If you go 15 games after 1/9 game the Warriors beat the Knicks on 2/7/15. Which also makes it 29 days after Warriors 29th win.
The first time Kyrie was 9 of 23 was 12/31/14 against Milwaukee.
They lost to Milwaukee and Lebron wasn't playing.   

Klay Thompson also was 9 of 23 against the Celtics on 3/1/15.  It gave the Celtics their 34th loss of the season. 

This year Cleveland lost to the Warriors by 34 on 1/18/16. 
It was 34 games after Lebron went 9 of 23 against the Knicks on 11/4/15. The Cavs Play the Knicks again on 3/26/16 which is 34 games after they played the Warriors on 1/18/16.  (68th game)

Lebron's 9 of 23 game to the next time the play the Knicks is 143 days. Remember David Blatt was fired on 1/22 because of the loss to the Warriors.  It was after coaching 143 games also 122 days before his Bday on 5/22(143rd day in 2016). 
3/26 to 6/2 is 68 days. It's the Cavs 68th game. 
Sixty Eight=146, 56  Oakland California=146

The Warriors played the Knicks on 1/31/16. It gave them their 44th win making their record 44-4. 116+95=211
11/4/16 to 6/2 is 211 days. 
Warriors play Knicks again on 3/16/16.  1 month 11 days before the NBA Finals. It will be the Warriors 67th game. 

Can't help but think of Nascar as well in regards to Nancy Reagans death.  
Ronald Reagan=56
Nancy Reagans last film came out 7/1/58 called "Crash Landing"=56 
Remember last year when both the Busch's were out and were replaced by Regan Smith and David Ragan. 
So Busch replaced by Reagan. 
Regan Smith also born on 9/23. He replaced Kurt Busch who was born on 8/4.  Same day that Obama was born. Also same day James Brady died. He was shot during the Reagan assassination attempt and died 33 years later on 8/4/2014. 
The reason this stick out is because Kurt Busch was suspended for Domestic Violence on Patricia Driscoll who claimed to be a trained Assassin.   
Kurt Busch was reinstated on 3/11/15. 
His brother Kyle came back at Charlotte. Kyle won the Sprint Cup last year, surrounded by 52 stuff. He also announced his comeback on 5/12 the Philadelphia Trainwreck day. 

A few other things I forgot to throw in here and since it's already super long might as well put them in here. 

3/6+34 days is 4/9.  Warriors=49
34 games before the 3/6 game the Warriors defeated the Bucks 121 to 112. This game was on 12/18/15
12/18/15 to 3/6 is 11 weeks 2 days. 
11/2 is the 306th day....36. 
11/2 to 3/6 is 4 months 4 days. 
Warriors first loss was 36 games before 3/6. 
Warriors also lost on 1/13 to Denver Who scored 112 points on them. 
34th prime number is 139
Warriors first game against Lakers on 11/24/15 to the 2nd time on 1/5/16 is span of 1 months 12 days. 

Jungle Book=112, 40
I mentioned this before in regards to the Black Panther theme. The guy who voiced the Black Panther died the same day as Huey P Newton the Founder of the Black Panthers on 8/22.  
8/22 is also the day the English Civil War began.  The Cavaliers vs the Roundheads. The new Jungle book movie comes out on 4/15/16. 
Warriors played Cavs on 12/25/15 to 4/15 is a span of 112 days. 
3/6 to 4/15 is 40 days.  or 5 weeks 5 days. 
Black Panthers=49 (Founded in Oakland) 
Warriors=49      (Play in Oakland)

Sixty Two=1949  (Jewish)

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