Saturday, March 12, 2016

Black Protester punched in Face at Trump Rally 112 Carolina Royal Family

First thing I noticed about this story was that it was in North Carolina.  A lot of North Carolina in stuff I've talked about. Michael Jordan owns Hornets in North Carolina. The Carolina's named after King Charles.  The Panthers play in North Carolina. 

The Next time we see him, we might have to kill him=199
The Panthers were connected to the 1985 Chicago Bears who won Superbowl XX 46-10.  Using the revolutionary 4-6 defense. 
199 is the 46th prime number. 
Also interesting if you do it as a date it's September 19th. 9/19 or 19/9.   
919 is the 157th prime number. 
One Hundred Fifty Seven=239

John McGraw=112, 49
Been talking about 112 and 49 recently too. Especially in regards to the Warriors who are coded to the Chicago Bulls. 
Chicago Bulls=49, 112. 

The Victim is Rakeem Jones.
Rakeem Jones=44,53, 62, 116
McGraw said Jones was not acting "Like an American". 
Like an American=62, 116  
Rakeem Jones=62, 116 
Funny the propaganda they throw in this story reminding of the threat of ISIS.    
I=9  S=1  
ISIS connected to the 91 and September 19th I've been talking about.
WI= 23 9  KI= 9 11  hmmm. 

Black Lives Matter=56
Climate Change=56
Paris France=56
King James Bible=56
much more.   56  a significant number this past year.

Punch in the Face=70  
Funny this happend on the 70th day of the year. 
"In the Face"=44, 71
Rakeem Jones=44 (Guy who got punched)

This event also happened the same day the Cavs beat the Lakers. 
Cavaliers are named after the Cavaliers of the English Civil War who supported King Charles I. (North Carolina)   They fought against the "Roundheads". 
Roundheads=55, 109
Los Angeles-55, 109
Funny I remember when I was a kid if I did something stupid my uncle would call me a roundhead. How's that for programming? I'm sure he didn't even know what he was calling me. I also grew up as a Lakers fan which makes it that more funny to me. 

Didn't even realize but as I was writing this CNN's headline is that Donald Trump is having a rally in Cleveland Today. 3/12/16.  
We'll see if anything happens here. 

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