Friday, March 18, 2016

Warriors may lose tonight, Some interesting notes about Dallas and their connection to Lebron James

I previously said I think the Warriors would be 62-6 going into the Spurs game which may still happen and I don't have enough time to look more into it.  
San Antonio Spurs=62   and more...
Anyway they may actually lose tonight against Dallas making them 61-7  
The 113th prime number is 617. 
Dallas also has a 34-34 record. The number I talked about connected to the 9 of 23 stuff. Dallas also got their 34-34 record after losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in their last game 99-98. 

Dallas Mavericks=51
Lebron James=51
Cleveland CAvs=51
Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 


Dallas beat Warriors earlier in the season on Lebron James Birthday. 
They won that game 114-91.  
Lebron James=114(Big Way)
Also they won by 23 points, Lebron wears # 23.  
Interesting it was Lebron's 31st Bday. The number connected to the 11 I keep saying is good.  
Both 11 Seeds in the NCAA tournament won yesterday too.  We'll see if they win today as well.  
Anyway just wanted to point a few things out before I go to stupid work. 
If Warriors lose tonight I think they might lose to Spurs too.  
The 618  is connected to 6/26 stuff and the loss to the Lakers on 3/6.  Warriors just beat the Knicks by 36. 
Either way would make sense tonight, but we'll see what happens. 
I still think Warriors win tonight, but wanted to show this in case they don't. 

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