Friday, March 11, 2016

Washington Wizards Connections to the Finals for Cavs and Warriors

So I went back and looked at the Wizards a bit. They don't play the Warriors at all this season, but they played the Cavs  4 times. 

The first time they played the Cavs was on 12/1.  Interesting because "Warriors"=121  "Revelation"=121   They also lost to the Lakers the next night on 12/2.   "Golden State"=122  "Pope Francis"=122  I talked about the connections to Pope Francis and the 9/23 to Warriors and Cavs. 
12/2 was also the Day after the 76ers finally got their first win of the season beating the Lakers. 
Dec 12th can be 12/2 or 2/12. 
Notice the score of the game totaled 212. 108+104=212

Anyway in regards to the Cavs game on 12/1 it was the Wizards 15th game of the season. 
The next time they played the Cavs was on 1/6. The Cavs won with 121 points. The Wizards lost keeping their 15 wins. 

Also 1 months 5 days apart or 5 weeks 1 day. 
Also 36 days.  The 36th prime number is 151. 
Remember Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51

The 3rd time the Wizards played the Cavs was on 2/28. 

It was 89 days or 2 months 27 days after they first met this year. 
King James=89
I've been saying the 227 is connected to the Warriors so interesting it's also connected to Lebron James. 
What sticks out though is the score of this game was Wizards won 113-99. 
113 from what I've seen is connected to the Warriors and Curry and also the Bulls.  
Also in regards to the 99 this number has been around the Warriors connecting to 9/23.  They won the Finals last year on 6/16  99 days before 9/23 and so on. I've shown other connections in previous posts. 
Warriors lost to Cavs 110-99 last year on 2/26. It was 98 days before Finals.  GAme 1 went to OT 98-98. 

The last time the Cavs played the Wizards was on 3/4 /16.  This sticks out a lot because I mentioned how 34 is connected to 9/23.  Lebron shot 9 of 23 against the Knicks on 11/4/15.   It was 34 games before they lost to the Warriors by 34 on 1/18.  Then the play the Knicks again on 3/26 which is 34 games after the Warriors game.   More to this as well but you get the idea. 

In the game on 3/4 they also won with a score of 108 points. 

Zach talked about this in his last video. The Lakers just lost to the Cavs on their 108th time ever playing.  Score was 120-108 even. 
He mentioned how the Warriors first loss of the Season said, 
"It's Over"=108    Warriors lost 108-95. 
Golden State Warriors=90, 99, 108 

Warriors won game 1 of the NBA Finals last year with a score of 108.  

108 days after Warriors lost this game is 3/29.  
329  923 the Mirrors. 
Also interesting is normally the 88th day of the year, but this year the 89th.   
Queen Elizabeth is 89 years old this year. She will turn 90 though on 4/21/16.  
Golden State Warriors=90
Anyway though check this out in regards to 89 and 228. 

I mentioned how the 9/23 and 9/19 are connected to 6/26. Youtube agents showing me this code. 
3/29 to 6/26 is 89 days also 2 months 28 days. 

6/26 to 9/23 is also 89 days or 2 months 28 days. 

So it seems fitting for Lebron and the Cavs to win, but I want to point out. Michael Jordan upset the 1989 Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1st round of the playoffs with "The Shot" over "Craig Ehlo"=51. 
Also Death=228 (English)  It makes me wonder though, because Lebron still the only player on these teams to be 9 of 23 this year.  
I'm just pointing out some stuff, I'm almost positive it will be a rematch, but I'm still leaning towards the Warriors in Finals. 

Lebron's 9 of 23 game on 11/4/15
Look it's 9 months 23 days before 8/27.  The Robot takeover day said, by Olivia Munn.  Also Obama's 7th year 7th month 7th day as president.  Much more  see my Robot takeover Olivia Munn Draymond Green post. 

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