Sunday, March 27, 2016

David Lee Gets Championship Ring 99, 923, 62, 51

David Lee finally got his championship ring from last season on 3/25/16. He is now with the Dallas Mavericks. 

Notice how he got it 9 months and 9 days after Warriors won the Finals in 2015? 
Golden State Warriors=99
Also they won the Finals 99 days before 9/23 last year. 
David Lee=62

2 months 22 days before the anniversary of winning. 
Nine Months Nine Days=222
Remember this year Warriors picked up Varejao on 2/22. 

Dallas Mavericks=51
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 

Warriors won the game 128-120. 
Two hundred Forty Eight=112
One Hundred Twenty Eight=111, 264
Interesting 264th day this year is 9/22(day Pope Francis came to US) 

3/25 is exactly 26 weeks before 9/23 this year. 

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