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Judge theme..Texas Judge Shot/Scalia death/Garland Nomination 116 611 Obama Trump Assassination? 1551

So the other day when I posted about Obama assassination coding and his March 16th Nomination of Judge Garland.  I mentioned I had previously talked about how they were killing judges, because of a Michigan State Football Article had. It involved Barak and Josiah Price.  Both Biblical names regarding the Law. 

Anyway in the Post/video I mentioned how there was a ton of 116 and 611 coding.   Check out the Link below it will make this post easy to understand. 

When Scalia died I commented somewhere, but never made a blog about this Texas Judge who was shot outside her home in November.  
Look at the date she was shot though.   November 6th.  11/6. 

She was shot 99 days before Scalia dies. 
Julie Kocurek=51, 141
Antonin Scalia=51, 132
 This stuck out, because I have mentioned 99 is connected to Obama and Lincoln's assassination.   Lincoln died 9 hours and 9 minutes after being shot.  Obama sang Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's funeral 9 days after 9 people were murdered on 6/26.  
6/26 to 4/4/16 is 9 months 9 days.  Obama the 44th president. Much more,  just one example of why the 99 is important....

So 6/26 yet again an important date.  

6/26 is 4 months 11 days before she was shot on 11/6. 
JFK died on 411 Elm Street. 
Assassin=411 (Jewish)

If you go from her being shot to the day Obama nominates Garland. It's also 4 months 11 days.(End Date)  Also 132 days like "Antonin Scalia=132. 

3/16 to 7/26 is 4 months 11 days. 
7/26 is also 26/7.   
9/23/16 is the 267th day. 

In regards to 99 Look at this. 
9/9 is 4 months and 11 days before the next president takes office. 

IF you go from 4/4 to 9/9 is 5 months 5 days. 
Obama turns 55  36 days before 9/9.  There is a lot of 6  26/62  36/62  so far this year. 
Anyway in my last post I mentioned 146 again. 
I said June 14th or 14/6  
is Pope Franis' 1,189 day as Pope. 
Also Donald Trump's birthday. 

June 14th to November 6th is 146 days. 

Also I have mentioned 1/22 being significant because of Steve Kerr coming back and David Blatt being fired. 
David Michael Blatt=146
Oakland California=146  
Notice it's 144 days before Trumps bday? 
144 the number surrounded by political assassination. 
Justice Garland=144
President Biden=144
Mark of the Beast=144

Donald Trump even born 15 years 51 days before Obama. 
1946 to 1961 is 51 years...
Also interesting to point out 1 month 21 days.  
Remember on 3/6  the Lakers beat the Warriors in Kobe Bryant's 1,551st game he's played. 
3/6 to 9/9 is 6 months 3 days. 
6th prime is 13  and 11th prime is 31.  
13 31   That game was also Kobe's 1,331st regular season game.

3/6 to June 14th is 100 days. 
One hundred forty six=100
Fifty One=100, 46
Interesting if you add Reduction and Simple of Fifty one it's 146. 
Also Trump born in 1946.    
46 the number connected to Chicago where Obama's comes from. 

Remember Donald Trump said he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair. Then Morgan Freeman's granddaughter died(They showed the Batman  pic), the guy who dressed as Batman died, and a lady who played Batgirl all died that same week. 
I love how CNN gives us the 51 second video too. 

Batman V Superman movie coming out today or next week in America. 
Dawn of Justice=51
Notice the movie is 151 minutes long too. 
Interesting Donald Trump is Batman who is running to be the 44th person to be president. 

Trump say's he's Batman 11 weeks and 6 days before 11/6. 

11/6 to Trump's Bday is 222 days.(End date)

Interesting too Donald Trump's sister was a Senior United States Circuit Judge.  Just want to point out her name.  Trump Barry.  
Barack Obama is Barry. 
Maybe they are both getting assassinated? 

January 15th or 15/1 is 151 days before Trump's Bday. 
I made multiple posts how this number is connection with the 99. 
January Fifteenth Two Thousand Sixteen=151

One Five One=56
Paris France=56
Judge Garland who was nominated turned 63 the day of the Paris Attacks. 
Charlie Hebdo=63

Also I mentioned in regard to the NBA Season that 3/16 the day Obama nominated Merrick Garland was the 141st day of the NBA Season and also 141 days before Obama's 55th Bday. 
Notice Julie Kocurek=141  and was shot 14 weeks 1 day before Scalia died.  
June Eleventh=141   (6/11)
One Hundred Forty one=100, 226
Plutonium=141  (Time Travel Gas)
Plutionium Two Hundred Thirty Nine=154
10+27+19+85=141 (Back to Future Ends)World War III=141
Age of Aquarius=141

10/27/2015  to Garland nomination is 141 days. 
August 12th leaves 141 days left in the year.  Go back and Watch my video about this date. 
August 12th Significant Day WWIII?

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