Saturday, March 19, 2016

Russian Plane Wreck 141 62 26

Haven't looked into this story really, but want to document some of the numbers in the story.   So 62  people dead.  62/26 I've been showing all over for the past few weeks. 

Interesting they redirect Flights 141 miles south.  Just mentioned 141 again as well with Obama and Trump stuff. 

Even says at 1:41 local time the aircraft aborted it's first landing attempt.  
Flight Nine Hundred Eighty One=151
Nine Hundred Eighty One=116, 224

Go back and read my Obama Trump Posts from yesterday and a few days before.    116 and 151 like crazy in them. 

Cnn makes sure to let us know it was on March 19th in Russia at 1:20am and 6:20pm on March 18th ET. 

Look it's even 141 days after the last big Russian Plane Story on Halloween. (End Date)

It's also 62 days before the 141st day this year. (No End Date)
62 People died on the plane. 
2 months 1 day. 
Twenty One=141
I've been noticing a lot of these 62 26 stories are connected to dates including the End Date.

End Date=26
End Date Included=62  
How crazy is that?

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