Saturday, March 5, 2016

Youtube Agents always hit my old videos After I put out a good video or series up.

I made this video on June 23rd about the Death of Kerrie Orozco. Omaha Police Officer who was supposedly shot and killed. It was completely by the numbers. Especially coded to 92, 29.  
Orozco=92  She died 92 days after her baby was born, which was a big story in all of the articles. She was 29 years old. Much more. It was even connected to Pope Francis.  
She was born on 9/19, the day Pope Francis' trip to Cuba and the US began.  The last time an Omaha Police Officer died like her was Jason Tye Pratt who died on 9/19/2003.  
She died 122 days before 9/19 on 5/20. 
Pope Francis=122

Anyway last night I posted a good series of Videos on the rigging of the Thunder Vs Warriors game on 3/3.  Then today I made a post about a lot of 9/23 stuff in regards to Steph Curry and Lebron James. I feel is very significant info. 
So right after I finish making my blog post, I get this comment on my old Kerrie Orozco video. 

They actually commented nicely, and I thought just maybe it was a younger kid and it really was his Aunt. I thought well she was 29 years old, so it might be a young kid. I have no idea if it was a hoax or she was actually just killed by the numbers. It really doesn't matter and I say that in the video. The Story is all by the numbers and that's what matters. 
I'm starting to think it's a hoax though, because literally right after I messaged this person back, I got another comment on an old video. This one telling me I'm retarded and what not. 

If they would've actually watched the Video they would know everything they are talking about is not what I'm doing. I know it's just a Youtube Agent because of the timing compared to the last comment. This stuff has happened to me multiple times too. It's proof these aren't real people, and they are just doing this to try and discredit the info you put out. Notice how the only word capitalized in this comment is "THE".  The=33  Highest degree of Freemasonry.   THE=113(Jewish)

I said the Kerrie Orozco video was all about 29, 92.  Look I get this comment 290 days after her death. 
Funny as crap, I've been talking about this number for a week now. The post I made right before this comment was even about 113 and the 9/23 connections. 

This comment comes 9 weeks and 2 days after the last person commented on the video. 
Funny thing is I found this girl on Facebook and she is completely real. I even have friends who are friends with her. Plus she was really nice in the comments. 
This other person ICANHAZGAMING, I highly doubt is. Not a real name, no picture no substance to their channel, no way to find out if it's a real person. 

I put the Corey Taylor Kanye West video up on 7/22. 

Now I get this comment 227 days later. Get out of here people. I know I did a good job with the Kanye West connections to Paris Attacks among other things. They are my most attacked videos. Funny I had way more comments on this same video telling me to kill myself and what not and now they are all gone. They were all from people who just started accounts like a day before I put this video up. They had no pictures, or any substance on their channel. 
Wish I would've screen shot them a while back, but didn't think much of it at the time. 

The Video I put up was also about gay marriage being legalized on 6/26. Also Kanye West Sung the Queen Song at Glastonbury on 6/27 which in America is 6/26.  I talked about Queen Elizabeth being connected to 26 and 62. Kanye sung the Queen song, Queen is the Gay Band, also Slipknot in regards to their bass player murdered by the number Paul Gray. Slipknots newest album "The Gray Chapter" in regards to the death of Freddie Gray. 
6/26 is also the halfway point of 3/29 to 9/23(Mirrors).  3/29 the 88th day of the year.   3/29 to 6/26 is 89 days.   6/26 to 9/23 is 89 days. Queen Elizabeth is 89 years old. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168
BetsyAnn Morgan=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168 (Just made the post about this)
No coincidence. 

Anyway notice 6/26 to today 3/5 is a span of 8 months and 8 days.
 Notice in the comment Betsy mentions 8 multiple times. Also Capitalizes "H" 2 times.   HH  88. 
Such a joke. Slipknot even has a song called "Gematria (The Killing Name)". 

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