Saturday, March 26, 2016

Death of Another Bachelor Contestant/ 923 51 Lebron James 34

Former Bachelor Contestant dies on 3/21/16. Reported on CNN Today. 

Erin Storm=131, 50 
Notice the Video is 50 seconds long.  Just like her name. 

The Bachelor on Season 12 was Matt Grant. 
Matt Grant=114, 33  
Lebron James=114 
Seems a strange way to predict a Championship, but just maybe that's what they are doing here?  

 Although, the Championship(Erin Storm) did die after taking off from California. 

She also died the same Day Lebron got a Triple Double. Scoring 33 points in a 33 point win. Notice it was Cavs 50th win too.  Erin Storm=50  The movie Trainwreck is also 124 minutes long. 

Storm eliminated on the Show age 33 in Week 3 even. 

She dies 8 months 4 days after the film Trainwreck came out on 7/17. 

Also 8 years 4 days after Season 12 of the Bachelor Began. 
Lebron James born in 1984. 

Season 12 last episode also on May 12th.  The Same day as the Philadelphia Trainwreck last year that Lebron is connected to. 
Pope Francis=122
The Trainwreck in Phillie was at 9:23pm.  Pope Francis came to the US on his 923rd day as Pope. Went to the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish)

I've been mentioning a lot how I see the number 34 in connection to the 923 as well. 

Interesting we had another Bachelor contestant die on February 16th 2016. 

She died 34 days before Erin Storm. 

She was also from Columbus, Ohio. So same state as the Cavaliers. I remember they zoomed in on this Christmas pic on CNN even though she died in February well after Christmas. 59=Kill(Jewish)
Remember the Cavs lost to Golden State on Christmas Day. Then lost again to GS by 34 points on 1/18 which was 34 games after Lebron was 9 of 23 on 11/4. 

Lebron's 9 of 23 game was 51 days before Christmas though. 

And Lex McAlister died 5 months 1 day  before the Anniversary of the movie Trainwreck. 
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 

Only thing that sticks out to me with the 51 stuff is that I've seen it around a lot of death as well, but.... 
Also if Lebron makes the Finals and wins he will be 3-4 in the NBA Finals.   Maybe why all the 34 in connection to 923? 
Seventh NBA Finals Appearance=107
One Hundred Thirty One=107
Prince Charles=107 (would be King Charles III if Eliz II dies)
Cavaliers are Royalist Supporters of King Charles I. 

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