Saturday, March 5, 2016

Death of Pat Conroy Prince of Tides 131, 143, Chicago Back to the Future, Royal Family

Pat Conroy dies yesterday on 3/4.  Notice it's 131 days(End date) after his birthday. 
Pat Conroy=46, 127
Lot's of Chicago coding, also Back to the Future which is involved in the Chicago Code. 
Back to the Future III, Doc goes back 131 years to 1/1/1885. 
They use train 131 to get the Dolorean Back to 1985. 
The original movie begins on 10/26/1985.  
Pat Conroy turned 40 years old on 10/26/1985. 
127th day is 5/6/2016.   Royal Family=56  
Great Santini=56 

Also famous for "Prince of Tides"=71, 143
Draymond Green=143, 71 (See my Olivia Munn post)
143 a number connected to Earthquakes and Destruction. 
Also in English Gematria 143s are 858. 
Back to the Future all about 58, 85. 

I've also mentioned Prince Charles countless times, and the connections to these codings to the Royal Family. 
Prince Charles=131

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