Thursday, March 10, 2016

Death of Dion Waiters Brothers Another OKC Death 56 Philadelphia

So we had the death of Monty Williams wife in the Car Crash on 2/10/16 
Then the Death of part owner of OKC Thunder Aubrey McClendon die in Car crash on 3/2/16. Interesting his middle name is "Kerr" which reminds me of Steve Kerr. 
Aubrey McClendon was also 56 years old. 

Dion Waiters=56, 137 
33rd prime is 137
Wears # 3  Three=56
Waiters also a drafted to the Cavaliers and played there until he got traded to the Thunder on 1/5/2015. 

Dion is from Philadelphia and his brother also died in Philadelphia. 
Just interesting I have mentioned Philadelphia a lot in regards to 56. I made a whole video series on Allen Iverson and how his whole life was about 56.
There were 56 signers on the Declaration of Independence the first was John Hancock who died age 56. 
There have also been a lot of deaths in regards to the Philadelphia 76ers this past year.  Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins, Dolph Schayes, Harvey Pollack just off the top of my head. There were more. I think this death is just foreshadowing a Warriors Cavs Finals once again. OKC might be a team to look out for next year though with all this sacrifice. 

Ha  and his brothers name is "Demetrius Pinckney"=211, 85
He died on 3/8/16.  
Remember Lebron was 9 of 23  211 days before the Finals begin this year. Waiters a former Cavalier. 
11/4/15 to 3/8/16 is 4 months 4 days. 
King James=44
Waiters the 4th pick in the draft and in his 4th season. 
His name reminds us of Clementa Pinckney who was shot and killed with 8 others in the Charleston Church Shooting. Obama sang Amazing Grace at his Funeral. 

His brother died 101 days before the anniversary of the Church shooting.   Philadelphia=101 

Also interesting his brother dies 89 or 2 months 27 days after Dion's bday. 
King James=44, 89
Just had all the 227 references with the Thunder and the Warriors. 
2/27 was 10 days before. 
Waiters turned 24.   Dion=24
Remember 10 and 24 both represent X. 

Just read through this article look how many times they mention 3. 
He's lost 3 cousins. 
His cousin and friend gunned gunned down 3 months apart. 
The last 3 or 4 years have been tough on him. 
OKC in the race for No. 3 spot in the Western Conference. 

Interesting too 3/8/16
This death comes 27 days after 2/10 when Monty Williams wife died. 

I know OKC wasn't in Finals last year, but if you go from the day Warriors won the Finals to 3/8 is a span of 38 weeks. Also 266 days. 9/23 is the 266th day. Remember Pope Francis the 266th Pope came to the United States on his 923rd day as Pope and went to Whitehouse on 9/23 at 9:23am. 
6/16 to 9/23 is 99 days.   9/23(Leaves 99 left in year). 

Also 3/8 to 6/16 is 3 months 8 days. 

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