Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kobe Bryant's 1,189th NBA Start 1611 King James Bible, Pope Francis GS Warriors vs 76ers.

Tonight, Easter Sunday the Lakers play the Wizards and the Warriors play the 76ers. 
Interesting both teams play a team from a Location Pope Francis Visited when he came to the US. 
Both Games tonight are played in California though. 
I've made plenty of videos/posts on Kobe Bryant being significant to Pope Francis' visit and also the Golden State Warriors. Kobe originally from Philadelphia just like the Warriors. Kobe tore his achilles vs the Warriors. Scored his 81 on 1/22 and Lakers scored 122 points.   Golden State=122  Pope Francis=122  Kobe announced his retirement on the 333rd day last year. Philadelphia turned 333 years old  33 days before on Oct. 27th(first day of NBA Season) Warriors were chasing 44 year old 33 game win streak of the Lakers this year. Lost after 24 wins(Kobe # 24) this season. Much more but just a short summary of what I'm talking about. 

The main reason for this post is just as I suspected tonight Kobe Bryant will start for the 1,189th time in his NBA Career. 
He's also going into this game this season after playing 1611 minutes.     There's 1,189 chapters in the King James Bible that came out in the year 1611.   
He has also shot 922 shots this year so far. So his first Field Goal of this game will be his 923rd.  What are the odds of all of that?

Kobe also announced his retirement after the Pacers game on 11/29/15. It was his 13th game this season, he scored 13 points. Then the next game he played was against Philadelphia 76ers. Then next game of course against the Wizards. 

Kobe's retirement announced 119 days before today. 
King James Bible=56, 119 
Kobe's even played 56 games this season. Tonight will be 57.
Farewell Tour=57 
Star of David=119
All Seeing Eye=119
One Hundred Nineteen=194  
Just sticks out because Kobe lost to 76ers game after he announced retirement. The Total Score was 194.  Game on 12/1  
Also his announcement 3 months 27 days before 3/27. Also 17 weeks. 
Seventeen=109, 37
Los Angeles=109, 37 
Three Hundred Twenty Seven=113
Kobe Bryant=113, 41
Dear Basketball=113, 41 (retirement poem). 
The first game Kobe ever played was 11/3 1996. 
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour=269
57th prime is 269 (Kobe's 57th game)
Pope Francis' first day in Philadelphia was 26/9 (269th day)
September Twenty Third=269 

Today is also exactly 26 weeks after Pope Francis last day in Philadelphia. 
Kobe Bryant's Last Game=66
Sixty Six=41  (Like Kobe Bryant the small way)

March Twenty Seventh=81 
Kobe is connected to multiple 81/18's in his career. 
His 81 point game on 1/22, he also was 18/46 FG.  18/20 FT. 
He came in the league age 18.
Today is 18 days before the Lakers Final Game this season and ultimately Kobe's last game..Unless something happens tonight that ends his career?  Much more. 
Eighty One=108
Golden State Warriors=108
Villanova=108  Just defeated Kansas Yesterday. 
Kansas a super important state in regards to the Civil War. Also the 34th state...34 a number I've seen lot's with Kobe and 923. Also just had the Kansas Trainwreck that reminded us of the Philadelphia Train Wreck Last Year. 
Philadelphia has lost 34 away games so far this year, Warriors have won 34 Home Games so far this year. 
Warriors going for 35th Home Win this year and 53rd of Home Win Streak stemming from last year. 
If Philadelphia loses they will be 9-65.
Lot's of 53 stuff in regards to the Warriors this year. They lost their 53rd game of the year to Portland on 2/19. Then Picked up Vareajo on the 53rd day of the year who Portland had just dropped.  Much more in previous post's about this  as well.  
Warriors also going for win # 66 tonight. 
Date numerology 66 today. 
Today is 67 days from the NBA Finals but also 2 months 6 days before 6/2.   
26th prime is 101.
Sixty Seven=81(V and S exception)

Warriors also play the Wizards the game after Philadelphia on 3/29 the backwards 923.  The 62nd prime number is 293 similar to the date March 29th (29/3) as well.   It will be 65 days before the NBA Finals.  Washington DC=56, 65 

Supposedly the KJV was published on 5/2/1611 as well. 
So Easter 36 days before the 405th annivesary.
Four Hundred Four Years=262, 109

9/23 also 222 days before the 405th anniversary. 
Also 9/23/15  was the 404th year 144th day anniversary. Both Significant numbers to Revelation. 404 verses, Size of new Jerusalem/Tribes of Israel and so on. 
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)

So what does it all Mean? I have no idea, but it's amazing how much of the stuff I'm talking about just keeps syncing together. I wonder if Kobe might get hurt tonight and not play another game? But I wouldn't think they would do that on his big Farewell Tour either. Or maybe Kobe will have a big game tonight? 
I forgot to point out the Cavs also beat the Knicks yesterday with 107 points. 
107 connected to Prince Charles and also Championship.  New York the other place Pope Visited. Lebron James is King James. 

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