Thursday, March 10, 2016

Eddie(1996 Film) Cleveland Cavaliers Curse Hot Rod Williams, Malik Sealy

Last year this article came out about Sports Curses. Interesting it came out the day the NBA Finals Began in 2015. 
Interesting the only Jersey number they show is 51 in this picture. 

Remember Cleveland has not won a sports championship in 51 years.
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Lebron shot 9 of 23   51 days before they played the Warriors this year. 
I remembered I watched the movie Eddie when Hot Rod Williams died.  I know many teams wore bags on their heads over the years, but in the beginning of the movie Eddie they show guys with bags over their heads. 

The Lebron 9 of 23 game sticks out too because he did it against the Knicks on 11/4.  They played Warriors 34 games later, then 34 games after that they play the Knicks again.  So it's the Cavs 68th game on 3/26/16  which is also 68 days before the NBA Finals begin this year. 

In this movie Whoopi Goldberg becomes the head coach of the New York Knicks. 
Head coach of New York Knicks=112
Eddie Franklin=112 (Her name in the movie)

This movie came out just before the 72-10 Bulls won the NBA Finals. 
It's also 168 days before Space Jam came out and 24 weeks.
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

When Whoopi becomes the head coach of the Knicks in this movie they are playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Hot Rod Williams didn't play for the Cavs this season he played for the Suns. Interesting though he is in this movie. Also He's wearing the # 18 I mentioned a lot in regards to the Lakers vs Warriors game on 3/6. 
Williams best season in the NBA was in 1989. The year Michael Jordan knocked the Cavs out of the Playoffs with "The Shot". Over 
"Craig Ehlo"=51
John Williams=145
Chicago Illinois=145

I need to go back and watch this movie again, but one of the main characters is also Malik Sealy. Kevin Garnett's best friend who died in a car crash the day after Garnetts Bday. 

Malik named after Malcolm X too.   Born on 2/1  Wiki even shows an College picture of him wearing # 21 instead of his NBA pic. 
I talked all about Kevin Garnett being the first Teen Wolf in the NBA in regards to Space Jam and Zach Lavine Slam Dunk Winner. 
Lot's of 21, 12 and 56 around Garnett. 
Kevin Garnett=146 (Big Way)
Oakland California=146 

Whoopi Goldberg=156
Caryn Johnson=156 (Her real name)
Thirty Three=156
Wikipedia says that it's been 156 seasons since Cleveland has won sports championship in any sport. I'm not sure that stat is correct though, I can't figure out how that makes sense. Gonna have to actually go and count them, I must be missing something? 

Also born same day as Paris Attacks. 
In this movie you don't find out if the Knicks win the NBA finals but they do beat the Charlotte Hornets to make the Playoffs. The big Climax comes with 10 seconds left and Whoopi gives a speech. Anway the Knicks make their comeback in this game when the score is 51 to 55. 

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