Sunday, October 27, 2019

Trump gets cheers, 'lock him up' chants at Game 5 of World Series-Steve Scalise-Tyler Skaggs-Fair/Expo Symbolism

Zach has been talking about the Steve Scalise shooting being important to the World Series again...Now Trump goes to Game 5 with Steve Scalise. 
That shooting was in 2017 when the Astros won the World Series...
Also all of the 713 stuff I have mentioned with Tyler Skaggs...Houston's area code 713....Barbara Bush dying 7 months 13 days before George HW Bush in Houston...

The same day that Tyler Skaggs died, the Angels were supposed to play the Texas Rangers...the team George W. Bush used to yet again the connection to Tyler Skaggs dying...

They tell us that Trump didn't cheer when Teddy Roosevelt won the presidential race at the game haha. Remember the Nationals used to be the EXPOS...and Teddy Roosevelt is connected to the the Fair/Expo symbolism in which McKinley was assassinated at. 
Teddy Roosevelt-Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos 2016 Post

Lock him up=45, 135
Notice this comes 135 days after the 45th president Donald Trump's bday. 

Fitting Teddy Roosevelt would win today as well considering it would have been his birthday. 
Notice he died a span of 72 days after his bday too...
Teddy Roosevelt=72
He replaced "William McKinley"=72 after he was assassinated. 

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  1. The Minnesota twins and Texas Rangers were both one the Washington Senators.