Monday, October 28, 2019

Country singer Ned LeDoux's daughter dies of Choking-Ghost-Casper

I'm really interested in this death as I just recently heard of this guy. When I Djed back in August for a wedding in Stromsburg, Nebraska some guy insisted I download a Ned LeDoux song. He then told me all about seeing him at some fair in Western Nebraska and he was Chris LeDoux's son and so on...

I also almost always get a Chris LeDoux song requested and I always play Cadillac Ranch...but the last time I DJed I played the song "County Fair" instead as someone requested it. 
It's interesting because I've been mentioning the FAIR symbolism...Batman...Iowa State Fair...China...

This death comes 2 months 16 days or 77 days after Ned's bday...
Notice his bday is the 216th day of the year and he was born in 77'. 
Chris LeDoux=216(FB)

I also wonder if this is somehow in connection to the death of Granger Smith's kid dying too earlier this year....
Granger Smith=139
Ned LeDoux=139
I just saw my cousin Craig and his wife at our grandparents 65th wedding anniversary and I thought about Granger Smith when I saw them. (see my post on Granger to understand)

Another reason it stands out to me is that Ned's kid was named "Haven" which is a sheltered area of water where boats are docked.....Granger's son was named "River" and he died of both names are important to Water symbolism...

Chris LeDoux=57
Notice he died 5 months 7 days after his bday. 

I also find it interesting that Chris LeDoux died in Casper, Wyoming...before getting on the computer tonight I got a notification on my Ghost post about the Casper I'm seeing a connection to Casper with this...
The film Casper is about a boy who died young and his father trying to bring him back to life too...or well that's a big piece in the plot anyway. 
Possibly not connected but I'm gonna write it in here just in case...
Bill Pullman=66(dad on Casper and president on Independence Day)...he will be 66 years old on 12/17/19..
Casper, Wyoming=66
Chris LeDoux=66(s)
River Smith=66 and died on 6/6...
Sixty Six=41, 49
Ned LeDoux=41
Haven LeDoux=49

Also the band "Ghost" is from Sweden and if you read my post about Stromsburg, Nebraska..I mention how it's the Swede capital of Nebraska.