Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Not So Normal Norbert book Claire is reading-1984-Something to learn from my old videos

My daughter has been reading this book recently and really loves it. She was telling me about it seems a lot like 1984, but for kids. The kid gets caught by the truth police for being different than the rest of society and gets sent away to a different planet. It just has the same aspects of 1984 to it...Truth Police...Thought Police 

I went to type in the book, to read more about it and I looked down and saw a story that said "Winston"...which again reminds me of 1984. 

I feel like there is something I'm supposed to understand with either Animal Farm...or George Orwell....I documented about Animal Farm the other night and then I saw it somewhere the next day...I think it was on Facebook, but can't remember and I didn't take a screen shot...I wish I would've now. 
I also just watched some Back to the Future meme video about Marty doing his mom...and at the end Doc Brown says "Great Scott"....which is funny as a long time ago I mentioned this phrase and something to do with the film Castaway. On the airplane they say "Eric is Next" and I mentioned something to do with George Orwell being named Eric....I need to go back and find it now...on that film it's the FedEx88 plane and it wrecks going to Malaysia...

Ha, I just went back to find that video and I realized something interesting....just this morning I randomly turned on Ninja Turtles for Zamien. He likes Ben10, so I figured he might like Ninja Turtles too. Jasmine complained cause she hates the Ninja Turtles...We then went and got Claire in Council Bluffs. On the way there I was looking at my old Facebook posts as I used to write a bunch of one liner type jokes. A lot of them are for sure influenced by Mitch Hedberg, which I even told Jasmine on the way there. For example...

I think it's funny I have a Mitch Hedberg video during this same time...
There's also the video about Olivia Newton John that I just mentioned a few days ago with my Grease sync too.....the video next to that is about Screech on Saved By the Bell. On my way home from Council Bluffs, I clicked on something about 26 things you didn't know about Saved By the Bell. One of them was everyone on the Cast hated Dustin Diamond(Screech). 

I then had the video about Castaway...and then a video about the Great Scot......It has to be something to do with my old videos that I'm supposed to see? 

In this video I mention the name "Eric" being popularized by the story "Eric or Little by Little", by author Frederic Farrar. It said in the wikipedia that although it was popular..George Orwell hated his real name of Eric...
Frederic Farrar=95 and he died 95 days exactly after George Orwell was born in 1903. 

I started this post on 10/13, but I didn't get time to finish looking at some stuff. I've had zero time the past few days with Jasmine at work and having to hold a baby all night pretty much....I'm just going to post it and hopefully I will remember to go back and look at what I was documenting here...I want to move on to some other posts..

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