Friday, October 25, 2019

Great Wall of Colorado-Batman-China-Halloween

I previously documented about this story and mentioned the Aurora Batman shooting...South Park Mexican Joker...
Now they are mocking it as the Great Wall of Colorado, which reminds us of China...Remember "Aurora" was written on the building in China in the trailer of Skyfall for the Dark Knight Rises. 
Great Wall of Colorado=310, 203, 86..
Houston Rockets=203
Aurora Colorado=86
James Eagan Holmes=86

The Dark Knight Rises=310(FB)

I find it funny as well, because after driving through New Mexico, I have always joked that we should just give it back to Mexico. 
New Mexico=48
Donald Trump=48

I've also been mentioning a lot in regards to Halloween this year....This story came 95 days after the anniversary of the Batman Shooting..
The reason it's significant is because earlier in the year I mentioned how my Halloween costumes were important...Black Face.....I was also James Holmes for Halloween one year...

The story was also 51 days before James Holmes' bday...He is 31 years old...

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