Sunday, October 27, 2019

Synchronicity at work today with Apple Pay-Events yesterday for my Grandparents 65th Wedding anniversary

I don't know the full significance of this but I wanted to document a synchronicity at work today. Some guy I don't know asked me if we do Apple Pay. At first I didn't know what he meant, but when he pointed at his watch I realized what it was. I then told him yeah we do, but there's only 1 person that I know of that ever uses it. After he left the next person in line said, "Yeah, I'm not rich enough for that shit" and I laughed as the only person I know that uses it, is a rich farmer. Earlier in the day I was talking about wishing I was a farmer too, as it seems most of the day we have farmers sitting in the store talking. I mean I would love to be a millionaire and just be able to sit and talk at the gas station for hours everyday.....
Anyway...after the lady left I sat down for a minute as no one else was in the store. The girl I work with in the kitchen was sitting there too and heard the Apple Pay conversation...I then looked over and a customer came into the just so happened to be the only guy I know that uses Apple he was the next customer after a conversation about him....he doesn't come in on a consistent basis either...or at least not when I am working. 
I pointed to my coworker to look at who came in, and she was like hey that's the guy who uses the Apple Pay...and I said I know haha this stuff happens to me all the time...I didn't go on to tell her about Gematria and so on because I don't think she's ready to hear it, but it's these type of things that will eventually lead up to the conversation...

I don't want to write names on here...but his name equals 68(reduced) and the lady before him also has name gematria of 68(rev red). 

According to Facebook their bdays are 8 months 11 days apart....
Notice his bday is Valentines Day....a topic I have covered a lot over the years..
The guys name also equals 85(rev red)

I see his name is also 215 in the KFW Kabbalah Cipher, so I wonder if it's a sign telling me to pay attention to that Cipher of the Kabbalah Ciphers in the future? I don't often pay attention to them, but maybe this is telling me it will be significant? 

In the morning another coworker showed me a funny video about these magic apples at the bar too. I had never seen the video I just wonder if it's something to do with Apples? 
Also yesterday I took my kids and my nephew Collin to a Pumpkin patch...I didn't realize how expensive it was before we went, but I spent a bunch of money letting Collin shoot apples out of a giant gun. 
There's also some synchronicity with my cousin Wario involved with this place, but I don't feel like typing it all right now. If it comes back up, I will remember it from this post. 
There was a lot going on was my grandma and grandpa's 65th wedding anniversary...apparently they got married on Halloween too....I then went to the bar with a bunch of my relatives and they had a band and a Halloween party going on....I ran into another guy who has wanted to talk to me about Gematria type stuff for a while...I understand him...but we disagree on mostly the concept in regards to Jesus/God...he was telling me something about using a Ruler to measure the scriptures, but he was all over the place too so I didn't quite catch what he was saying...just makes me think of Freemasonry...I don't know the whole history of his story in awakening so I'm not sure what lead him to do such a thing...
I even went to Church with all my family members yesterday lol...same ol, same ol...ridiculousness that I remember too. I did randomly open the book in front of me and opened to the August 10th page(810) too. 

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