Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Nancy Pelosi's brother and Former Baltimore mayor dies-Hairspray/Baltimore-John Travolta

The day after I get a copyright claim on my "Hairspray" video we get the death of a former Baltimore Mayor...Remember the scene I was talking about was the song "I love you Baltimore"...
It's funny too as there has to be something with John Travolta...earlier I had to go to Walmart for diapers and I was looking at the Redbox thing they have. I noticed they had 2 movies with John Travolta in it on front cover and I thought to myself...John Travolta is still making that many movies? I can't remember which films...I know one was "The Poison Rose" with Morgan Freeman....not sure of the other...I'll have to look next time I go...I had never heard of either film though...

Thomas D'Alesandro III=88
He dies 88 days after his bday. 
Stroke=88( died from)

He dies 5 months 6 days before Nancy Pelosi's bday. 
Nancy Pelosi=56 also 326(FB)
Notice her bday of 3/26

Notice too that her brother led the 1968 Race Riots in Baltimore....Nancy Pelosi's colleague Elijah Cummings just died age 68 as well. 

I wonder if there is a riddle with the Baltimore Ravens as well...They became 5-2 the same day he died...
Nancy Pelosi=52....the 52nd speaker of the house..
Think how the 49ers are doing well currently....Super Bowl 47 the Blackout/Race bowl/Kaepernick..
Jim Harbaugh vs John Harbaugh..
Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Wolverines also became 5-2 this weekend...."Wolverines"=52
Hairspray=52, 56

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