Friday, October 11, 2019

Costco's $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken Story after I had a sync with the same thing on 10/1-Chicken Theme-Rachael Ray-Cook

It's funny as I just mentioned the other day how I had synchronicity with Costco at work. Now today a headline story is about Costco's chicken...

There are a lot of new Chicken farms being set up in this area, so I wonder if that's why this printout was on the table at work. This article even talks about Costco doing operations in Nebraska which I'm pretty much on the border of. 

Here's the pictures I took of the sync that day....I wonder if there is some importance to Rachael Ray? 
Notice how it says Costco CONNECTION too...I knew there had to be something important or a Connection to Costco coming soon. 
This sync happened on the date of 10/1...
Rotisserie Chicken=91
10/1 leaves 91 days in the year. 

Also remember how Sam had the synchronicity with Chickens and Chicken heads that we talked about in a live stream a while back...He posted about it on 7/20/19....the moon landing anniversary...

I also find it funny that last night I ate chicken wings from the bar, and I wake up to see this story. 

Notice Sam's Blog post was a span of 37 days before Rachael Ray's Synchronicity was 37 days after her bday too. 
Sam Moores=37

Costco is in Seattle, which I've mentioned being important to the Aurora Bridge and Batman too....notice Sam's post on 7/20..the anniversary of the Batman shooting/Moon landing...Space Needle...Zach's radio show the other night he mentioned something about everyone thinking something bad will happen to Seattle on 11/3...
Sam's favorite MLB team is the Mariners and something he likes to follow because of it, just as I follow the Lakers a lot...
The Astros won the 113th WS..

I'm also wondering about her name Rachael RAY....the Astros just beat the Rays....but a long time ago I documented about the death of the 105 year old bartender I know named RAY...that had to do with Chicken...
Ray died 114 days after his bday on the same day the Yankees vs the RAYS was postponed. The next day the Yankees beat the Rays 11-4 in the time of the 114th World Series....In my original post about Ray however I documented about it's funny Houston is playing the Yankees now. 

Rachael Ray famous for being a Celebrity Chef...Remember not too long ago we had the story of Thomas COOK next to the death of Celebrity Chef Carl Ruiz...
He died age 44 and his bday was 4/4. 
Guy Fieri=44
Thomas Cook died 4 months 4 days after his bday...


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