Saturday, October 12, 2019

Jane Fonda arrested for Climiate Crisis Protest in Washington DC

This story comes 56 days after her brother Peter Fonda died. 
Climate Change=56
Washington DC=56


Climate Crisis=94, 211
Fire Drill Friday's=94
Jane Fonda=47
47th prime is 211

Inspired by Greta Thunberg? 
Greta Thunberg=70
Jane Fonda=70
Climate Change=70

Washington DC=215(FB) also 557(satanic)
Only interesting as I see Jane Fonda was on the 557th episode of the Simpsons about Fracking...
557 is the 102nd prime...


  1. I talked about the 47 and 94 in relation to Peter Fonda's death. It's a tribute to Uranus moving into the fixed earth sign of Taurus the day Dwayne the Rock Johnson turned 47 years old. Peter means Rock in latin. Rock = 47. Uranus= 94. Halloween is 94 days to SB 54

  2. She's 81 and was arrested on a day with 81 remaining. Venus = 81 ordinal. Her birthday is 12/21 date of next years Great Conjunction.